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In a tweet, DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive commented on the future as well as player and sales figures for DayZ & Co. in 2020.

This is the report: In the article shared by Bohemia Interactive we can read concrete player and sales figures from DayZ, Arma and Co. In the blog post, also mentioned, we also find out what to expect in DayZ 2021.

DayZ & Co: Player & Sales Numbers 2020

How often DayZ was sold: Before we get into the future of the survival game, let’s first clarify a question that will probably interest many gamers and haters alike. DayZ sold better in 2020 than in both 2019 and 2018.

The statistics include the base game on the one hand and the DLC “Livonia” on the other. However, both are strictly separate, which also applies to the other games by Bohemia Interactive:

  • DayZ sold around 1.3 million copies in 2020 alone. The DLC Livonia was sold around 760,000 times on the virtual counter. Active players are estimated at 6.4 million.
  • Arma 3 sold a good 1.1 million times in 2020. All of the military simulation DLCs then brought in another 2.2 million sales. Arma 3 still has a good 2.3 million active players worldwide.
  • Vigor is also doing good numbers. Although the 4.6 million players do not generate excessive sales, the sheer mass of people is impressive.
  • Ylands concludes the report, presenting 645,000 players who are active.


What you can expect for DayZ in 2021 on PC & console

This is to come: In the blog post on the annual report from Bohemia Interactive on DayZ, they explain the figures as well as the plans for the young year 2021. Several major updates are planned, which will be published over the year. The planned DayZ updates for 2021 include:

  • new assets & models
  • Bug fixes Changes
  • in game stability
  • Preparation for next-gen versions of DayZ on PS5 & Xbox Series X / S

In 2020 DayZ players got a total of 4 new updates and various smaller patches. Among other things, they brought new cars, weapons, areas and new game mechanics that fundamentally changed DayZ. Right now a leak is reporting on DayZ 2, everything about that you can find here:

DayZ 2: Leaker Claims to Have Information about Development

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