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In DayZ we are out and about in Chernarus, fighting our way through the zombies, searching the country for food and protective clothing, and trying to survive from day to day. But did you know that Chernarus has a real role model?

That’s a fact: The Chernarus-Map is an extensive area with cities, small villages, and lots of nature. Unless you’re being mercilessly hunted by zombies, wildlife, or other players, it’s actually a really nice area. And that’s exactly what has a real role model.

DayZ’s real role model is Povrly

Yes that’s true! The model for Chernarus is Povrly in the north of the Czech Republic. Developer Bohemia Interactive, who are also based in the Czech Republic, has recreated the area in and around Povrly in great detail and thus given us a pretty playground full of death.

Whether you’re up to mischief in the big cities or sneaking around in the more remote villages. DayZ players should recognize a few corners and who would not like to take the opportunity to discover Chernarus in real life?

Also cool:


We searched the internet for you and put together some great pictures that should bring you Povrly – or as we would probably still call it “Chernarus” – a little closer. We have also marked the exact location for you on a Google map and found a cool video that shows you the differences and similarities between Povrly and Chernarus.

This is DayZ in Reallife:

The DayZ Map:

DayZ Google-Map:

Note: You must be signed in to Google to see the Google map.

Would you like to travel to Real life Chernarus? Or have you been there before? Let us know in the comments

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