DayZ 64bit Version

The development of DayZ continues to make progress. One of the most troublesome problems, the 32-bit limitation, could soon be a thing of the past. New game files indicate progress on a 64-bit version. But what does this mean for the players?


This is the name of the new file that is dived in the Steam database for DayZ. The name alone reveals that this is the launch of a 64-bit version for DayZ, which is currently in the experimental stage.

But what does 64-bit bring the player? The biggest difference between the two versions is that a maximum working memory of 4 GB can be used with 32-bit. Thus, the game runs on significantly fewer resources than the current hardware can offer. With a 64-bit client, the entire working memory of your PC can be exploited and the game performance of the client side can be improved a lot.

Currently the 64-bit Launcher can be used for test purposes. However, the development seems to be proceeding, so we cannot wait to play DayZ with the full-featured processor. As always, you can help by reporting bugs under



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