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The DayZ community can sometimes be peculiar and even now they show their longing side when they loudly demand the inconspicuous feature of the “volumetric clouds”, which many would probably not even notice – you already?

What’s going: On Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, DayZ players are debating, wanting and demanding that a feature come back that has long been history. We’re talking about volumetric clouds, which the community believes are a must-have for DayZ, and they do a wonderful job of explaining why.

DayZ Fans Demand Volumetric Clouds – But Why?

What are volumetric clouds? This type of cloud display simply is a three-dimensional cloud. Most games simply add cloud textures to their two-dimensional skybox or have sprites (flat objects) dragged across the sky to create the illusion of a cloud cover. Like DayZ has right now.

Only volumetric clouds offer a really realistic picture, as they physically correct cover light and let through at the edges. Apart from that, they cast shadows on themselves and are also influenced by the ambient occlusion. In combination, this simply creates more stylistic and so realistic clouds. Look at the comparison below:

This is what the community demands: It is as if the debate over volumetric clouds in DayZ has never been silent. The discourse that we are taking up here today is not new. The dev team removed TrueSky, as the old weather system in DayZ was called, at the beginning of 2019, shortly after version 1.0. Since then, fans have longingly been demanding the return of the supposedly beautiful volumetric clouds.

There are certainly many players who only joined later. Maybe you don’t know the old volumetric clouds in DayZ either.dayz-volumetrische-wolken-volumetric-cloudsIs there a solar storm or why is the atmosphere been blowing away? No, it’s actually the volumetric clouds that make a big difference in DayZ. They conjure up a dense atmosphere that cannot be compared with the current weather system.

No indications of the return of the feature

What the developers say: Unfortunately, we could no longer find a direct statement from the developers. However, a user in the forum gives an explanation for the disappearance of the clouds in DayZ:

“TruSky was removed with 1.02 or 1.03 (…) due to increasing problems with the system. In short, it was very demanding and required a lot of power, which led to a desynchronization between server and clients.

For example, in a group of three players, the first could see a clear sky, the second a cloudy one, while the third got the full server-side rain shower. Unpleasant crashes occurred when the client tried to catch up on synchronization. In addition, getting wet and freezing on actually clear days (in DayZ) caused complaints among players.

Since the developers had many other higher priority issues and features, they decided to get rid of the volumetric clouds and weather system. They just didn’t have the time to get it right. As much as I loved the old clouds, I understand the decision.”

Will the feature ever come back?

Whether DayZ will ever get volumetric clouds again or not, that is probably written in the stars. However, if something should change in this regard, you will certainly know where you will get your information from! Check out our sister site Here you will find the latest guides & news about survival, horror and many other genres!


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