DayZ will soon get famous Arma map. With the Esseker map, fans of cultivated survival will soon go to Bosnia!

This Map is awesome! We all know a lot of DayZ mod maps. Especially many that are still in their infancy. Most of the time we can see that these maps come from modders.

But Esseker, a former Arma-Mod-Terrain, looks like it was made by Bohemia itself. When I reported on Deer Isle, I said it was the nicest card in the game – I might have to revise that. But see for yourself:

Esseker shows what the post-apocalypse should look like!

This is Esseker: The Esseker map is based on a real region east of the Bosnian city of Sanski Most. Esseker has its digital origins in Arma 3. Here the map was primarily used for the Exile Mod due to its attention to detail, overgrowth, and the many points of interest.

Now the developers of the mod are daring the leap to the DayZ Standalone. By the beard of my unshaven DayZ character: The DayZ version of Esseker looks great!


That special about the map: DayZ Vanilla and many mod maps that were created for the game simply do not look like what they should. The apocalypse is dirty and full of violence. The post-apocalypse, however, is shaped by nature, which is slowly but surely reclaiming lost ground.

Hardly any map can take all that into account. This may also be due to the DayZ technology framework. How DayZ Expansion or now Esseker manage to make the seemingly impossible possible is certainly not only a welcome mystery to me.

But that’s not the only thing that stands out. Just like Deer Isle, Esseker has plenty of places to explore. For example, the mysterious bunkers in the south of the map or the partly flooded capital city “Esseker City” as well as the abandoned zoo.

For nature lovers, we recommend the gigantic cliffs that tower up along the Esseker River.

When does Esseker release? Unfortunately, I have to leave this question unanswered, because there is currently no exact release date. However, you can already play the map. The only drawback, you have to pay for it.

For $ 5 you can download and try DayZ Esseker. The developers are currently investing a large part of their free time on the project. We can understand that the map was made available for download in advance for a small donation.

To support the two-person team, simply join the Discord server and type “donate” into the chat. A bot will then send you the donation window.




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