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Since this afternoon the third update for the DayZ mods Namalsk Island and Namalsk Survival is online. Everything you need to know about highlights and patch notes can be found in this article.

  • DayZ Namalsk has a new update
  • Most important changes are new spawn points and loot system

DayZ Namalsk Update: The highlights of the patch

Here’s what you need to know: Today around 1pm CET, a new update for the DayZ Namalsk mod was released. Via Discord, developer Sumrak announced the following highlights.


Various bugfixes have been implemented in the following areas.

  • Terrain
  • Camera clipping error
  • Loot spawn points
  • Fishing in the sea, which was previously always aborted
More about Namalsk:

New spawn points for players

The developers added new spawn points in the northeast of the map to give more importance to Jalovisko and Nemsk.

Adjustments to the Central Economy (Loot System)

In the area of the loot system there are also two highlights. The number of land mines has been reduced. Will this mean you can move across the map with complete peace of mind again?

Since the new update, there is also more garden lime in the game. Happy fertilizing!

Interaktive DayZ Namalsk Map Update bei IZurvive

DayZ Namalsk patch notes in detail

Namalsk Survival

  • Added: Danger warning to APSI when event is at Apex
  • Added: separate action for Toggling APSI (default Hold: L)
  • Changed: player character will no longer get wet while moving outside in snowfall
  • Changed: lowered player character equipment wetting rate while moving outside in blizzard
  • Changed: further weather handling changes within the event system to hopefully reduce wild weather behaviour
  • Tweaked: frostbite now uses light blue heat comfort as threshold for a better readability
  • Tweaked: EVR Storm sounds now fade in over time
  • Tweaked: Extended EVR storm startup period (9 to 15 minutes)
  • Tweaked: Rebalanced shock damage (laying down indoors will no longer keep you safe from knockout, just shorten it)
  • Fixed: sea fishing getting interrupted (thanks to Kuuyo for the fix, will be fixed in 1.11 for vanilla)

Namalsk Island

  • Added: barrel fireplace into Vorkuta church
  • Tweaked: lowered main menu music volume
  • Fixed: gate placement in compound north of Lubjansk area
  • Fixed: brensk bridge train crossing
  • Fixed: dry toilet placement in Tara sawmill
  • Fixed: green guard tower placement at BK-T08
  • Fixed: several deerstands that were non climb-able
  • Fixed: fire barrel position in Sebjan mine
  • Fixed: floating stone next to BK-L02
  • Fixed: camera clipping issues in athena resarch institute side office building stair case
  • Fixed: camera clipping issues in Athena 2 surface buildings
  • Fixed: camera clipping on the roof of the Seraja military base main building
  • Fixed: camera clipping issues in a1 underground
  • Fixed: it was possible to get stuck next to A1 entrance


  • Added: Garden lime into spawning (leather tanning)
  • Changed: re-distributed player spawn points more towards north east coast
  • Changed: Map position files updated to reflect latest version of Namalsk
  • Changed: Increased number of medical care packages around the map
  • Tweaked: Lowered ammobox and ammo pile numbers in regular setup
  • Tweaked: Lowered availability of flaregun ammo
  • Tweaked: Lowered chances for tools spawn in infected
  • Tweaked: Moved BK-T12 infected zone around helicrash closer to the actual helicrash
  • Tweaked: Balanced out availbility of APSI and added restock value
  • Tweaked: Improvied loot placement in static helicrash sites (hopefully)
  • Tweaked: Lowered number of land mines
  • Fixed: Wrong deagle mag type name (magazine was not spawning at all)
  • Fixed: Loot spawn points in land_Tovarna1 (generic factory building)
  • Fixed: Loot spawn points in Athena-2 first basement floor (levitating)
  • Fixed: Levitating loot spawn points in land_nor_hall1 (generic Norinsk factory)
  • Fixed: Shower loot spawn points in land_budova4 (winter barracks)
  • Fixed: 1911 typo in spawnable types

Have you already looked into the update? If you want to know how to install Namalsk, the best place to look is here:

DayZ Namalsk Release Now! Launch Trailer & Info
SOURCESteam-Workshop of Sumrak
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