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The very first update for the DayZ Namalsk Mod has appeared. This is mainly dedicated to various bugs, but also changes the soft skills section of DayZ.

Small but nice: The first DayZ Namalsk update is not that big. Just a few megabytes are stolen from your hard drive. But it’s definitely worth it because, in addition to annoying bugs, server problems have also been fixed. There are also exciting adjustments.

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DayZ Namalsk Update: This will be Fixed & Improved!


  • SKAT-12 submarine loot placement (hopefully final fix)
  • German translation of Sumrak jacket
  •  dzn_Pot was not properly functioning as a cooking equipment
  • Holding animation of lore paper files
  • Some items could get freezing badge even though they should not
  • DRENCHED wetness state was not localized (tooltip/inspect inventory window)
  • Fishing could yield wrong type of cooking pot (now drops dzn_Pot)
  • Several bugs causing Client / Server crashes in some circumstances with EVR storms
  • Issues with clients desyncing with visual effects during EVR storms
  • Bug that would cause APSI hud to get stuck on your screen when logging back in
  • Bug that was causing vfx to remain on screen after EVR storm was complete
  • Fixed a bug that was causing sound effects to remain after EVR storm was complete
  • NVG’s having no colorization after EVR storms
  • Staying in bunkers will keep you much safer from the EVR
  • Dying in darkened underground areas would not reset the darkening effect after respawn (needed relog)
  • Chemlight, torch and gas lamp now works in darkened underground areas
  • Camera clipping issues in vor_apartment_high_1/2 (Vorkuta hi-rise buildings)
  • Collision issues on Tovarna1 (generic factory building)
  • Improved collision geometry under the submarine interior model (could help CE not being confused anymore)
  • Collision issues on seb_main_fac (Sebjan factory building)


  • adjusted default day and night acceleration (on average 2 hour day, 50 minute night)
  • Falling snow is now during EVR Storm
  • Adjusted knockout threshold to reward being safer during the storm
  • Wearing an APSI during the EVR storm will no longer knock you out
  • Being under trees will no longer give you the safety buff against EVR storms
  • Removed: tire repair kit (hardcore)

Tweaks / Optimization

  • Reduced megaphone and fabric numbers
  • Lowered food availability in hardcore and regular
  • Lowered M4A1 muzzle attachment chance
  • Increased heat insulation of Gorka/Yeger/Sumrak jacket, pants, and hood
  • Increased strength of cold resistance soft skill (the longer you stay alive, the better the heat comfort bonus it gives)
  • Slightly increase the chance of catching a fish with just a hook (no bait is the only fishing method on Namalsk)
  • Fireplaces won’t get wet during a snowfall event
  • Adjusted Czech description of freezing

That wraps up the patch notes of the DayZ Namalsk Update from December 9th 2020!

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