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The long-awaited official DayZ Mod “Namalsk” will be released today, December 3rd, 2020. We’ll tell you how you can get started with the DayZ Namalsk release and when exactly it starts!

DayZ Namalsk Releases: Today, December 3rd, 2020 DayZ Namalsk will be released. The release was originally planned a long time ago. Developer Adam “Sumrak” Francu had decided to complete a certain feature beforehand.

We talk about the new temperature system, for which we have a guide here! But now the time has come and the mod promoted by Bohemia Interactive appears!

DayZ Namalsk release is imminent: you need to know that

What is Namalsk? The Russian wasteland, the abandoned research facilities, and monsters give away at least the idea behind DayZ Namalsk. Just like with the very first DayZ Mod, which was released for Arma 2 at the time, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a great inspiration here.

At the edge of the Arctic Circle, some scientists were doing research on an alien artifact. That brought nothing but destruction to the planet. Now you are being sent to the island as the last hope to find out what happened.

Unlike DayZ itself, Namalsk will tell a story that can still work within the framework of the DayZ principle. Exploration is clearly the most important part of this mod.


How to play Namalsk: As with other mods for DayZ, you also have to subscribe to Namalsk via the workshop. In addition, the modification is PC-exclusive, as there is no mod support on the PlayStation or Xbox.

If you have subscribed to it, the best thing to do is to download the DZSA Launcher. With this it is very easy to find a suitable server. Simply select “Namalsk” in the mod filter and the corresponding results will be displayed.

But be careful the servers displayed in yellow often do not match the desired search result. They are just part of a paid promotion and are shown without any exception. Also, the modification for DayZ also appears in two different versions:

  • Namalsk Island: This is the basic version that only includes the island.
  • Namalsk Survival: In “Survival” all controls are switched on. This is the Namalsk experience originally intended. There are tougher conditions of survival, opponents and unknown mysteries here.
More about DayZ Namalsk

When does it start? DayZ Namalsk will be released today, December 3rd, 2020 between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. CET. Adam Francu has already set up a trailer on YouTube that will go online at 7:00 p.m. The first servers should go online shortly afterward.

UPDATE: The Launch Trailer

We also have an official server list for DayZ Namalsk!

DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 5056 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 5098 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 3995 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 5101 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 9533 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) EU – DE 4148 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – NY 2217 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – LA 9617 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – NY 2181 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – LA 9608 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – NY 2202 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) US – LA 9644 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SY 2494 – Hardcore (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SG 5465 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SY 9132 – Regular (FPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SY 5546 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SY 5609 – Regular (TPP) –
DayZ Namalsk (vanilla) AP – SG 5950 – Regular (TPP) –
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