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A new trailer for DayZ Namalsk was released yesterday evening. This not only presents the release date of the mod, but also a story.

Sumrak keeps promises: The Bohemia Interactive developer and hobby modder Adam “Sumrak” Francu has been developing his DayZ standalone version of Namalsk for several years.

After version 1.10 of DayZ has been completed, DayZ Namalsk should also take final moves. Apparently, that’s true and we can look forward to an unprecedented adventure this year.

Final DayZ Namalsk trailer shows the overarching story

The trailer shows that: The new material that Francu shared a few days ago sums up the entire Namalsk story again. Yes, that’s right, DayZ Namalsk isn’t the first chapter in this story.

Namalsk’s story begins with Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis, runs through Arma 2: DayZ and now ends in DayZ Standalone.

The trailer also features new gameplay and again the electromagnetic storms that plague the archipelago. However, nothing is to be seen of the Bloodsucker, a monster that originated in the STALKER universe.

In return, we literally get a deeper insight into the map. Because in addition to some new regions, the underground facilities of Namalsk are shown, which are home to one or the other mystery.

xhibit Dayz
You can find the rapper in an underground bunker on Namalsk.

When does DayZ Namalsk appear? This Year, if you believe Adam Francu. But the same statement was already made in 2019. So we were initially skeptical whether he could meet his own target.

As it turns out now, he can actually do it. Because already on December 3rd, 2020, in less than a month, DayZ Namalsk should finally appear.

The mod should then primarily benefit from the new temperature and weather system introduced with DayZ Update 1.10. This Sumrak originally developed solely for Namalsk, now it’s part of the vanilla experience.


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