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The DayZ Namalsk release was only a few days ago. The number of players on the PC is exploding and we at Survivethis are writing an open letter to the developer: We need DayZ Namalsk on PlayStation (PS4) & Xbox!

Only on the PC atm: At the moment the Namalsk-Mod, which is being developed by an official Bohemia Interactive developer, namely Adam Francu, is only available on the PC. This modification reflects everything that defines hardcore survival. It also pushes the number of players to the top of the Steam Charts!

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DayZ Namalsk on PlayStation & Xbox – A Must for Fans & Devs

That’s why we need it: Dear Mr. Francu, DayZ Namalsk is the biggest success that was released from the DayZ development studio. It has increased the number of players enormously and that is exactly what we need on the consoles too.

PlayStation (PS4) & Xbox players are massively dissatisfied with the current status of the survival game. There are simply no mods on the consoles that keep the game as fresh as on the PC.

DayZ was once a melting pot for players from a wide variety of genres. There were the Overwatch fans who later fled to battle royale games. Then there were the Epoch & Origins players who were crazy about building bases and having a long-lasting end-game in front of them.

But when planning the DayZ Standalone, Bohemia Interactive decided to implement DayZ Mod: Vanilla. It was the smallest community of players. Modders saved the mess, but again, there are no mods on the consoles.

Now there is also a Namalsk version of Expansion

Give them Namalsk: the map that Francu created is the gate to the heart of the console community! DayZ Namalsk on PlayStation and Xbox would also drive the number of players up here and push DayZ back to the throne.

In addition, you create a much-desired variety for all those who are annoyed by the loot-die-repeat cycle. DayZ Namalsk is what your community has longed for so long.

That’s why DayZ Namalsk used to be unrealistic on PlayStation (PS4) & Xbox

That’s why we don’t get it: As it becomes clear at the beginning of the article, Bohemia Interactive has no rights to the work of Adam Francu. In the next few days, weeks, probably months, he has enough to do with supplying the mod with updates.

An official implementation of DayZ Namalsk for the consoles is therefore completely out of the question for the moment. But we will squeeze every bit of information out of Francu in an interview on Friday, December 11th, 2020.

We have already received many questions from you to ask him. You can still comment below this article to get rid of what would be of burning interest to you.

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  1. Could you imagine how much money Bohemia would make if they gave us namalsk or esseker on console? Everyone would pay for that dlc. You could charge for each separately and everyone would pay for those maps, happily. I guess they aren’t interested in making a profit. There are free seminars on how to run a business you know. Thanks for charging us for Lavonia garbage instead of giving us something great to play.

  2. I completely agree we should be treated as equal otherwise what was the point in bringing th game out on console in the first place I’m on ps4 and after bohemia has basically stuck the middle finger up to us console players I have completely boycotted the game because I would rather not play a game by a company that thinks less of there players because they’re on a different platform its unbelievably biased and unfair.

  3. Hi guys, as always dayz Devs leave Xbox with f-all we’re second class citizens you know PC and all but I was one of the many people to play the mod back in the day on PC and again ‘I SHOULD NOT’ need to buy PC to get a proper experience from dayz.


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