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Yesterday the new update for the DayZ Namalsk-Mod was released. This is primarily intended to combat the problem with exit campers at Athena locations. You can now find out what else to expect.

This is the update: The latest patch for DayZ Namalsk contains few changes or adjustments. The focus is on a changed map. The problem that is being fixed here relates to campers!

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DayZ Namalsk Update Combats Campers & Helps Story Enthusiasts

The camper problem: In the official Discord of DayZ Namalsk we often read that players no longer go to the Athena institutions. The reason are campers who position themselves at the few exits to intercept them.

We, too, have often been victims of these campers. Often there are only one or two entrances and exits. Of course, campers have an easy time of it. The update for DayZ Namalsk that has just been released is supposed to fix this.

This is in the update: The new patch should make it more difficult for campers to plunge into the loot of players who explore the map. For this purpose, many objects were placed in front of the entrances and exits, which are intended to protect the players coming out from a direct field of fire.

dayz-namalsk-update-21More patch notes of the Namalsk update

  • Added: Tunnel train and barriers at the tunnel canals exits
  • Added: Brensk fisherman’s hideout Changed: Tunnel canals exit ladder rooms to reduce water camping
  • Fixed: Floating deerstands of Tara island Fixed: Floating concrete blocks in Tara railway station
  • Fixed: Wall collision in a3 13th floor Fixed: Camera clipping issues in a2 3rd floor Fixed: Collision issue in Sebjan factory
  • Changed: Muon Detector now beeps more rapidly as event gets closer
  • Tweaked: Lowered weight of all lore documents
  • Fixed: Orb now scales properly when joined in progress
  • Added: Fishing hook can spawn attached to a boonie hat
  • Changed: Night vision goggles and optics only spawn at TF Bering outpost and SKAT-12 submarine
  • Changed: Updated map pos files for latest version of Namalsk terrain
  • Tweaked: Slightly lowered chance for a blizzard

It’s your turn: How do you see the problem with campers in DayZ Namalsk or haven’t you had any bad encounters at Athena so far?


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