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DayZ Namalsk has been available for a week. But only now there is a current map of DayZ Namalsk at IZurvive!

Finally, in DayZ: We had to wait a long time, but on December 3rd, 2020 the time had finally come and the interactive DayZ Namalsk Map was brought up to date. What it offers now, & where you can find it, you will find out now!

dayz namalsk standalone sneak

More about DayZ & Namalsk

Finally update for the interactive DayZ Namalsk Map

Goodbye old map! Compared to Arma 2 Namalsk, the 2020 version of Namalsk is far more detailed. But not only that, many places have changed or have been newly added. That makes it difficult to continue to orientate yourself with the old map. But this was the reality for DayZ players until recently.

A DayZ Namalsk Map is now available, which correctly shows the current state of the Arctic region. You can also use the card directly with us:

How the Map works:

  • Click here to go to the map
  • Scroll to the map section. Here you can see three lines in the upper right corner
  • Then select “Maps” and then either DayZ Namalsk Terrain or Satellite

Now you can discover the entire map, including loot spots and other important tools. You can tell whether you are really right by whether the DayZ Namalsk Map is enclosed by a gigantic mass of ice or is completely free of ice!


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