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DayZ Namalsk is just around the corner, just like winter itself! Project Lead of the DayZ team, Adam Francu, is now releasing an in-game event with which players can learn more about the lore.

Play for the Lore: Those who follow Adam “Sumrak” Francu on Twitter, will already know of the event. For everyone else, here’s the short version. Right now, players all over the world can help reveal the story of DayZ Namalsk.

In addition, Francu shares IPs with selected community servers on which there are clues. If a player finds the said clue, a new part of the story of DayZ Namalsk will be revealed.

DayZ Namalsk Lore – Players discover DayZ Story for the first time

This is how the story is revealed: As already mentioned, resourceful players have to join the servers shared by Sumrak. There they follow-up clues he has scattered in order to find the next snippet of the story at the end of their treasure hunt.

If Sumrak receives a screenshot of this, he publishes the next part of his multi-part DayZ Namalsk story. So far, two parts have been revealed. You can read them on Here you will also find regular updates on the development of Namalsk. There was none this month, why will you find out later.

What’s the purpose: With the help of the story that Adam Francu tells, the connections between Arma 2: Namalsk and the soon-to-be-released DayZ Namalsk Mod are explained.

In the first part of the story, called Dawn Of A New Era, you follow a shipwrecked man who is stranded on the island of Namalsk. He tells his story from a first-person perspective.

DayZ Namalsk


No September update: Actually, the next Devblog from Sumrak for DayZ Namalsk’s Development should already be published. However, this month he decided to skip it.

The reason for this are features that will be implemented in the next DayZ Vanilla Update (1.10). As one of the lead developers, of course, he doesn’t want to reveal that much. We only know that these are features are about weather, temperatures, and how they affect the player.

If you want to find out more about DayZ Namalsk, you can do so by reading our last article on the mod. The current status says that DayZ Namalsk’s release is sometimes in winter 2020.

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