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A DayZ Medieval Mod transforms the survival MMO into MMORPG with magic, dragons & monsters. There are also medieval weapons & armor and a brand-new map!

DayZ in time travel: A new modification for the survival MMO DayZ recently appeared in the Steam Workshop. Not only can you explore a medieval fantasy world. In addition, there are battles against AI knights or bandits and the production of your own weapons and armor – and that’s not all!

DayZ Medieval Mod takes you into a dark fantasy world

This is what the mod offers: In the “Dark Medieval Age” mod you can do without the classic DayZ process! No more looting> dying> repeating. Instead, you try to fight the phantom menace that threatens the world of Ayront.

When you need a break from saving the world, you can look for raw materials in nature to upgrade your own equipment. But be careful, there are countless mythical monsters lurking out there who want to get your knightly collar! But let’s get to the core features of the DayZ Medieval Mod:

The map

The map of Ayront was specially built for the mod and is home to many forests and meadows as well as cities, villages, and farms, whose architecture is of course based on the medieval ages. In addition to this the DayZ Medieval Mod map has different biomes.

You can also find many treasures on the peninsula, go exploring in caves or climb the mountain peaks of the mountain ranges and see what you can find there!

Weapons, clothes & items

As mentioned above, the weapons in the DayZ Medieval Mod are mainly melee weapons. There are only two “firearms”. A crossbow and a normal bow.

Armor or clothing, in general, has also virtually jumped out of the history books. You can choose to dress in light or heavy armor. While the first offers less protection, it gives you more freedom of movement instead. Heavy armor, on the other hand, offers a lot of protection but little freedom. Overall we come up with:

  • 20 helmets
  • 6 heavy armor
  • 10 different pieces of civilian clothing
  • Over a dozen melee weapons and two new ranged weapons


Creatures in Ayront

In the DayZ Medieval Mod, you won’t encounter a nasty normal zombie who wants to eat you. Instead, AI-controlled bandits and knights wander the world looking for a fight. There are also over 12 different monsters living in the previously mentioned biomes of the map. Here is a little outlook:

  • Worms in the swamps
  • Giant spiders in the woods
  • Trolls at the foot of mountains
  • Bats in caves
  • Skeletons in the villages and towns
  • Dragons & golems are guarding treasures

Professions & Economy

Believe it or not, the Medieval Mod for DayZ also offers an economic system. This is quite rudimentary due to the given limitations of the base game, but it certainly offers long-term motivation.

Among other things, you can earn your money honestly by becoming a lumberjack or a miner. If that’s not your cup of tea, just become an adventurer, mess with the dragons and earn a golden fortune.

With the money you earn, you can then buy new weapons, armor, items and later your own houses. This feature is not yet in the game.


That’s why you should try the DayZ Medieval Mod

Conclusion about the mod: So far we have spent around 10 hours on one of the Dark Medieval servers. These are usually quite empty, with the fullest server uniting around 30 players at once.

We would like to draw your attention to this great work of the Russian modders as we consider the DayZ Medieval Mod to be one of the most creative — if not the most creative — modification that DayZ has ever received!

There are still a few bugs here and there, but they don’t stop or destroy the game. We therefore give you a clear recommendation to play! To find a server, just enter “Medieval” in the DZSA launcher filter!

Download it via Steam here!


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