Ein neues Kampfgebiet bildet das Zeltlager der Tisy-Militärbasis. (© imgur/hwk)

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With the new DayZ experimental update it is clear that the changes in the military zones announced in the last status report made it into the 0.61 version. But what exactly changed, and what impact will this have on the PvP behavior of the players?

Reduction of Hotspots in NWA & Myshkino

With the update done on the 30th of November, the size of the camps on the north-west airfield as well as west of Myshkino was drastically reduced (NWA from 25 to 13, Myshkino from 32 to 8!). The remaining tents form no more dull rows, but dynamic structures, which are also traversed by paths in the case of the NWA. Despite the reduction on Lootspawns, the additional activation on the freight containers gives the bearings a large area in which equipment can be searched for. Hesco barriers now provide for individual fire protection areas which should give additional momentum to battles.

The Myshkino camp, on the other hand, has a stronger defense on the outside than the inside. The previously open field in front of the camp is covered by stone piles and some trees. From this, it can be concluded that battles on the NWA will be likely to take place within the camp, where the Myshkino camp is the best place to shut it off completely.

The way into the country

The goal of the developers from the very beginning was to control the movement of players into the country. The spread of the tents is an important step in this direction. Thus, the players’ pawns were removed in Chernogorsk and west of it. The size of the military camps is now growing steadily, the further you penetrate into the country you form an incentive to continue.

Beginning with individual tents in Elektro and Berenzino you can quickly find the first checkpoint with two to three tents behind the coast. In about half of the way, depending on your travel-route, you will find at Kamersk, Stary Sobor and Myshkino 5 to 8 tents and enter the Helicrash area. The coronation and probably later main PvP areas form the NWA and the Tisy military base with up to 17 tents plus 8 barracks.

The new “checkpoints”

Even the wandering survivors have reasons to be happy. The scattered checkpoints throughout the country now offer a pleasing gap filler in almost all areas, which also promises military yield. PvPler will be seduced, here occasionally to look past, but will not be held by the small size from the journey to the next larger base in the north-west.

Where is the trend going?

The NWA will still be a central node and PvP point in Chernarus despite its downsizing. The western route through Zelenogorsk and Myshkino also still promises the largest loot – but it was extended by removing the western coastspawns. Many players will prefer the “Bambisprint” to the Airfield.

With new checkpoints and the expansion of the Kamensk base, the northern route of Berenzino and also Svetlojarsk will again be much more attractive. While many players will continue to try to secure the familiar Elektrospawn, a lot of equipment will certainly be available before it gets the focus of attention.

It is hard to break with habit – we do not expect the well-known “Bambi-slashing” in the coastal cities to diminish. As the latest battlefield for equipped PvPs, the Tisy military base should finally come to the fore. With its great distance from the coast and relatively hidden position in the woods, it should offer some protection from the “coastal kids”. There is thus a potential for intensified tactical battles in the future.

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