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DayZ 1.10: Healing Bone Fractures & Everything Else You Need to Know

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With update 1.10, the survival MMO DayZ receives a new type of damage, bone fractures. From when they occur, what effects they have, to how you can cure them and useful trivia are in this guide!

Update 1.10 brings broken legs: You can already try out the current update on the Experimental Stage at DayZ. Here you will find more than just the fracture system.

Anyway, the latest DayZ update has only broken legs so far! Other body parts are already integrated into the game files but are not yet activated. Now let’s first show you how you can heal broken bones.

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Broken Bones: How to Avoid and Heal Them in an Emergency

When does it occur? As you might already know from older versions of DayZ, broken legs mainly occur when you fall from a great height. With DayZ Update 1.10, however, damage, which is taken from other players, infected or wild animals also cause your bones to break.

But multiple falls from relatively low heights can also cause your bones to give way — so stay away from puddle jumping!

Because, unlike in the past, the whole thing is no longer calculated by height alone. Your bones now have their own invisible health bar. If it empties to a critical point, your legs will break.

With the release on the stable servers, it was introduced that your weight plays a big role. The heavier you are packed, the easier it is for you to break your leg in a fall.

However, our tests show that these bone HP renew themselves extremely quickly, of course only before a break. Healing a real fracture takes much more effort.

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How to heal a fracture: In the DayZ Mod and also at the beginning of the DayZ Standalone, you could heal broken bones with morphine. That is no longer possible. Instead, you absolutely need a splint. You craft this as follows:

  • 4 Rags
  • Opt. 1 Bandage
  • 2 Short Sticks

You then simply apply this splint with a left-click!

However, morphine and other pain relievers are not useless. You can use it to walk a few steps more. Because completely without pain-suppressing substances, you tip out of your virtual hiking boots after just one or two steps.

With a splint, you can walk indefinitely, but not sprint. In addition, breakage status does not simply disappear after you used the splint. Much more you have to heal your bones over time. In order for a fracture to heal in DayZ, you must achieve the following values:

  • 2.600 Water
  • 4.000 Food
  • Full Blood (5.000)
  • Full Health (5.000)

Without a debug console you cannot see these values. So basically, all you have to do is drink and eat a lot and not suffer any further harm. Depending on whether you are wearing a splint or not, you have to endure this longer.

In DayZ Vanilla it takes around 30 – 40 minutes for a fracture to heal. But this only applies in the event that you wear the so much needed splint. Without it, it takes around 70 minutes, twice as long.


Interesting Trivia About Bone Fractures in DayZ 1.10

Driving with bone fractures: Not only can you still drive a car with a broken bone, but you can also climb over low obstacles. But you should avoid fights at any cost, especially in close combat.

Without a splint you will be sent to the boards by every hit and have to get up first, impossible to win a fight with that conditions.

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No further breaks: If you wear a splint, you cannot suffer another fracture. However, you cannot preventively put on a splint so as not to break anything. Putting on the splint is only possible if you already have broken legs.

The difference made by height: at a height of 1 to 3 meters, almost nothing happens. From 4 meters your bone HP will slowly decrease. If you now jump very often from this height in a row, your legs will break. This extends up to about 10 meters, only after that a bone fracture becomes almost inevitable.

Nevertheless, it can also happen that you do not suffer a break from 12 meters. That is rare but possible. The whole thing becomes fatal from a height of 14 meters.





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