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DayZ Expansion Mod has received a new update. This makes the modification playable on new maps, including Namalsk.

New update, new world: Update 1.5.11 from DayZ Expansion, released today, December 4th, 2020, enables server owners to open Namalsk Expansion servers. Of course there is also a lot more content in the current patch!

Now there is also a Namalsk version of Expansion
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Play DayZ Namalsk with Expansion, thanks to the latest update

This is in the update: As already mentioned, DayZ Namalsk Expansion Servers can now be created. Here you can indulge in the usual expansion gameplay. Experience a completely new base building and try out lots of vehicles and planes! New COM missions on DayZ Namalsk have also been added.

But there are also updates for the maps Livonia, Deer Island & Sandbox. For example, the mission logs have been revised and new spawn selections have been added. But there are also many fixes:

Fixes in the DayZ Expansion Update

  • Fixed a visual bug with the M3S Wheel Holder

  • Fixed a Killfeed icon using a old name.

  • Fixed 2 Warning logs.

  • Fixed book player stats page energy calculation.


  • Updated stringtable.

  • Updated the list of illegal characters for territory names.

  • Updated DeerIsle mission files.


  • Server Hosters need to update their server settings, please refer to the Expansion Wiki for more information.

  • If you encounter problems with the marker system make sure you wipe the marker.bin file in your server’s ExpansionMod profile directory!

Have fun on Namalsk: If you have no idea what DayZ Namalsk actually is, then take a look at one of the articles linked above. In short, yo can look to Namalsk as a completely new DayZ challenge that is unfortunately only available on the PC.


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