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The DayZ Expansion Mod has received another update. In this, the base building is being drilled out, but new weapons and vehicles are also part of the patch!

This is Expansion: For all readers who do not yet know what DayZ: Expansion is, here is a brief explanation. DayZ Expansion is a fan project by passionate modders. However, it is still based on the same mechanics and the technical framework but feels quite different.

Above all the adaptation of the map is the most important addition of DayZ Expansion. If requested by the server owner, the new map has many more details. The streets and cities are completely overgrown. There are also some missions, but still without AI.

This is in The DayZ Expansion Update 1.5

That changes in the base building: In a base raid, it can quickly become confusing. Not only in the voice chat among the participants. Especially with regard to the condition of the base, you sometimes don’t know how far you are from getting the shiny loot.

Look at it from the other side. Your base is under attack, whether with C4 explosives or otherwise. Damage was dealt to your walls and now you don’t know which ones are about to collapse and which are stable.

That should change now because walls and other basic building elements now have different models. Depending on the degree of destruction, your wall will look different. In the future, this will serve as an indicator of whether you should quickly reach for the repair kit or not.

dayz expansion mod base building

Changes to the game: Server owners can now switch more options on or off. These include various server notifications or the extent to which vehicles can be damaged. The setting: “EnableHelicopterExplosions” has the greatest effect.

As the name suggests, this is an option to have helicopters explode or not in the event of extreme damage. So it’s better to find out whether this has been activated in the Discord or on the website of your server.  The flying beasts catch fire quickly!

Further content & adjustments

  • Added weapon: Long Horn
  • Airdrops react to the wind
  • You can now operate code locks across the entire wall they were attached to
  • New vehicle skins for Gunther, Sarka, Olga and Ada 4×4
  • New options for base building: Snapping improved
  • Ada 4×4 now always spawns with a spare wheel
  • You can now jump in the autorun (Y) without it breaking off
  • Improved sound & third-person perspective for vehicles: Vodnik, Transit Bus and Tractor.
  • Plane skins removed
  • You can no longer open the windows of your base from the outside

That was all the interesting new features in DayZ Expansion Update 1.5! All technical details about the update can be found in the official Reddit post.

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