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DayZ Expansion in Singleplayer & finally fly a plane! That’s how it’s done

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In this DayZ Guide, we show you how you can play the DayZ Expansion Mod offline in singleplayer. With it, you can also spawn all planes & even ships.

What Expansion offers: The Expansion Mod from DayZ can actually do everything. It doesn’t just bring new weapons or skins. Vehicles, base construction and even airplanes and helicopters are also included.

So that you don’t have to search for hours on a server, you can easily do it in the singleplayer, and we will show you how!

This Guide was updated on December 28th 2020.

Play DayZ & Expansion in Offline Mode

1. Download DayZ Expansion

In order to be able to play the modification in singleplayer, you have to download at least one of the following two files:

DayZ Expansion ChernarusPlus
DayZ Expansion ChernarusPlusGloom (Adapted Map)

Download via Dropbox

Simply click on Download in the upper right corner. You should then receive a zip or Winrar file.

2. Installing DayZ Expansion Offline

If you open this directory, you should see two folders. You will now add this to your DayZ Missions folder. You should find it in your Steam directory. If you haven’t changed that, the address is:


Here you should find a folder called “Missions”. In this, you drag your two new CommunityOfflineMode folders.

3. Start & play DayZ Expansion

You can start you have to install a few additional mods. To do this, go to the DayZ steam workshop. Here you subscribe to the following content:

  • CF (Community Framework)
  • DayZ expansion
  • DayZ Expansion Licensed
  • Community online tools
  • Optional: Zomberry Admin Tools

So that you don’t have to search for each mod individually, I have created a Steam collection that includes all mods. Just click on “Subscribe all” to get all mods.

Now start up the DayZ Launcher via Steam and maneuver to “Mods”. In the search field, which is located at the top right, you are now looking for the said mods and make sure to only tick those. If you have loaded other mods, you have to unload them beforehand.

Then you go to the point “Parameters”, then “All Parameters”. Set a profile name and add your path to the expansion offline folder in the “Missions” search bar. Again – if not changed this should be:


The last folder is only to be clicked once! Do not open it, just klick it and then “Select Folder”


Keybindings: The most important keyboard shortcuts that you should remember are:

  • END – Activates and deactivates the Community Online Tools
  • Z – brings up the console that allows you to play God
  • O – brings up the Zomberry console. This is a little clearer


These errors can occur! Here’s how you fix it

Missing missions folder: If there is no folder with the name Missions in your DayZ directory, you can simply create it with a right click> new> folder. Then just rename it!

Expansion Compile Error: If this occurs, close the game. You may also see an error message that you cannot click, but that’s no problem.

In the Parameters section of the DayZ Launcher, select “Force Window Mode”. This ensures that DayZ does not overlay the error message, so you can interact with it. If it appears again, just click on “ignore” and the loading sequence should continue. That’s it: Now you can play DayZ Expansion offline in singleplayer, have fun!


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  1. I have followed all of the steps in this guide, but when I attempt to launch the game, the progress bar for loading stops a little after the halfway mark. I deleted and reinstalled DayZ and all the additional files, and have the same result. If I run DayZ alone or just with the mods, it loads normally. But, once I add the Missions folder and the other files, it will not load. I am not getting any form of error message and I have attempted this in both full screen and windowed. Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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