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The long-awaited DayZ Mod-Map Esseker has appeared, and we dared a first look. Esseker himself is most reminiscent of The Last Of Us!

That’s going on: Yesterday morning the latest DayZ Mod-Map Esseker appeared in the Steam Workshop. So far it has only been activated for selected players and donors. Esseker comes closest to the last of us feeling of all mod cards.

DayZ Esseker is here! The card is really that cool

What awaits you: DayZ Esseker fulfills a great wish that many DayZ players have always had: to really feel the post-apocalypse or see a lot more. Chernarus looks like a run-down state in Eastern Europe, but an apocalypse? Only if you imagine that this only erupted a few weeks ago.

Esseker, on the other hand, takes you into a world in which nature has already recaptured a large part of the area. The last of us feeling that we refer to so often here doesn’t come from anywhere:

  • Overgrown cities
  • Cracks in the streets from which grass grows
  • A detailed zoo with its own assets
  • Parts of the capital are flooded and sparsely held together with wooden walkways
  • Car wreck lines hundreds of meters long
  • Many more cool places that we don’t want to pre-empt you

Map is still in progress

That’s yet to come: The entire Esseker map has not yet been completed. Only the core of the card is playable. Compared to the already completed Arma 3 version of the map, the DayZ Esseker offers little. The edges of the map, including temples and cave systems, have so far been completely missing.

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But whether the card wants to be like its own model in the end is questionable. Because already now it not only has a massively increased level of detail but also completely new places. Whatever new is added is well worth a look.

If we have piqued your interest, you as a PC player can conveniently connect to an Esseker server via the external DZSA launcher (download). All you have to do is adjust the search filter, select a server and click the game button. The launcher will do the rest for you.

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