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The DayZ community always does a great job and occasionally there are modders who take the whole thing to the extreme, including the team from Kaffeina, which takes all of Chernarus to the next level.

What happens there …: Again and again, some modders from the DayZ community emerge to whom Bohemia Interactive should send a job offer immediately. The team behind DayZ EOS (Environmental Overhaul System) is definitely one of them. Their plan is nothing less than to transform the entire Chernarus map into a post-apocalyptic marvel of dense forests, snow-covered mountains, and overgrown cities.


DayZ EOS changes everything in Chernarus

Who is Kaffeina? Believe it or not, knowing about Kaffeina’s past is important. The talented modder is not a newcomer or a blank slate. Even before working on DayZ EOS, he worked on various mods that change the feel or the way DayZ plays:

  • NatureOverhaul
  • SnowOverhaul
  • FrozenCorpses
  • DayZ Deathmatch Server

This is DayZ EOS: Developer Kaffeina not only knows about modding himself. He uses his previous mods to put together an even bigger package. With the overhaul mod EOS he now wants to change the entire map of Chernarus.

As with NatureOverhaul, the country is said to be much more marked by the post-apocalypse. DayZ Chernarus is, as he himself says in the DayZ Podcast, too sterile and clean.

But unlike in its Mod NatureOverhaul, EOS should not only expand and improve a few selected cities and regions, but literally the entire map. Everywhere nature should slowly but surely recapture the concrete giants of the post-Soviet state. Industrial romance meets The Last of Us – wonderful. That reminds us of the recently launched DayZMap Esseker, which hits a similar line.

Apart from that, the level of difficulty is greatly increased in the north of the map. Instead of a slightly lower temperature in the forests on the northern border, the mountains are now covered by a thick layer of snow. If you have played DayZ Namalsk Survival before, you already have a foretaste of what it must be like to loot Tisy.

Mod will appear split

So no package: DayZ EOS should appear in different versions. On the one hand, there is of course the version in which you have both the revised nature and the snow regions.

Then server owners should also be able to set whether they want to switch off one of the two. The modder states that he doesn’t believe that all players want both snow and new nature on their server.

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Release of EOS – when does it start?

What we know so far: There is still no publicly communicated release for the DayZ EOS modification. Kaffeina himself states that he would like to release the first public version in about a month. However, this assumes that he completes the tree models for the snow regions in good time. However, you can always check the current progress on the official Discord.


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