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DayZ is getting a Christmas event, that includes Christmas presents, some cosmetics and decorations all over the playable DayZ maps!

What happened? On Twitter, the official DayZ channel announced that the DayZ experimental servers will go offline and should be back online a few hours later. In the same tweet, the developers also mentioned that something is “Cooking in the Kitchen”. Now we know:

  • DayZ gets a Christmas event
  • DayZ now has presents or gift boxes
  • Chernarus & Livonia are decorated

DayZ Christmas Event 2020 with Presents

Not much known! Bohemia Interactive has only shared a short GIF on Twitter so far, but it seems to reveal a lot. We see a character in a Christmas outfit, a decorated tree, and many presents. In the last few years the following content has existed:

  • Present boxes that contain very good loot & randomly spawn in the world.
  • Christmas decorations in the game world, like the Christmas trees mentioned above
  • Santa Claus hat
  • More holiday clothes

The coolest things are certainly the DayZ Christmas presents, which will grant you different rare items. What’s the best thing for you or do you hate Christmas you little Grinch?

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