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DayZ Base Building: How to Build The Improvised Shelter

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With the last DayZ update (1.10), improvised shelters were implemented into the game. These are simple constructs that offer a little storage space. Today we will show you how you can quickly & easily build a shelter in DayZ.

What can a shelter do? The new hiding places that were added with DayZ Update 1.10 (patch notes) are cheap and quick to deploy alternatives to a fully developed base.

Each of them has an 84 slot inventory. According to the developer Bohemia Interactive, this is still subject to change. In addition, the shelter comes in several versions, which even simplifies the construction.

It’s that easy to build your shelter in DayZ 1.10

Different shelters: As already mentioned, you can choose between a variety of shelters. There is one made from tanned leather, one that you build with a new resource called tarp, and one that is made entirely of trees.

How to build: You need building materials in advance. This is the same for all shelters:

  • 54 Short Sticks
  • 4 Long Sticks
  • 1 Rope

Before you can start building you need the according kit! That’s why you start by crafting the shelter kit at the beginning. To do this, you combine 4 short sticks with a rope. Then you have to click through the blueprints until you see the option “Craft Shelter Kit”.


Build Stick Shelter

Let’s start with this variant because it is the easiest to build. Once you have set up the kit, you have to insert a total of 50 short sticks in the material depot. The same goes for the 4 long sticks!

At this point, you can already build the Stick Shelter now. If you want to build a different variant, you have to add something else – more on that in a moment. The advantage of this version is that thanks to the foliage, it is very well camouflaged in nature.


Build Tarp Shelter

To build the variant with a tarp, you need, as the name suggests, the new tarp resource. This is a plastic sheet that spawns in industrial areas, garages, and garden sheds.

You start this construction just like you did with the Stick Shelter. Craft a kit, add 50 short sticks and 4 long sticks, and attach the tarp to the material slot. Now all you have to do is set it up.


Build Leather Shelter

This variant is a little more complicated to build because you need tanned leather. To get this you have to kill and skin animals. You should also have fertilizer (garden lime). You can find this wherever there are sheds, yards or industry. Combine that with the animal skin and tan it.

Depending on the quality of the fur, you get different amounts of tanned leather. To build the Leather Shelter, you need at least two pieces of tanned leather.

Before you attach the leather, follow the instructions above. And that’s how you built the third shelter option. Very easy, isn’t it?


Source of Images: Archie Stormcloud via YouTube





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