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Autumn (sale) is once again making its way into gaming rooms around the world. In addition to DayZ, Ark: Survival Evolved or Rust, we also find other cool games in the Steam Sale.

It’s sale time! It’s autumn, the leaves are turning colorful & falling from the trees. The cold is moving in, and we gather in front of the fire in the fireplace. And not to forget the Steam Autumn Sale, which pulls all the money out of our pockets. Tragically, also for games that were usually never bought at normal prices for a reason.

So that you don’t fall into the same trap as the others who aren’t reading this article, we have the 5 best survival games for you in the Steam autumn sale!


Must-have Survival Games in the Steam Autumn Sale!

1. DayZ

Pure realism: If you haven’t had a look at DayZ or you’ve been on the PlayStation 4 before, we can only recommend this survival game from the Czech sim maker Bohemia Interactive.

Don’t listen to the stories of those who gave up on the game years ago. At this point in time, DayZ is a great game. Not to mention the variety of modding that take you back to the days of DayZ Epoch or Arma 3: Exile – or how about a trip to Chernobyl?

You can currently buy DayZ for € 23.99 or together with the add-on Livonia for € 31.66 in the Steam Sale.

dayz offline header

2. Ark Survival Evolved

This is what makes Ark so cool: If you always thought that dinosaurs were damn cool lizards and that it fits perfectly into a survival setting, then Ark: Survival Evolved is the place for you.

Combined with the outstanding base building, taming the lizards to farm more efficiently and the cool overarching story, Ark is a must for every survival fan!

The only drawback in our opinion is the really ugly HUD, inventory and descriptions. It all looks like a quick paint solution to this day. Ark Survival Evolved is available for € 10.99 in the Steam Sale. The individual DLC are then available with a 65% discount each.

ARK Survival Evolved Ragnarok

3. Last Oasis

The hottest sandpit: Sandbox survival takes on a completely different meaning here. Because in Last Oasis you flee from the constant threat of the sun. The rotation of the earth has been stopped and you have to escape to safe oases along the planet’s twilight strip.

To do this, you need something that the survival genre had not seen before: Huge walkers that you build out of wood and with which you can assert your way through the deserts, against the great apes Rupu and other players.

Raw materials are extremely scarce and do not grow back automatically. You can also become master of your own oasis and automatically receive something from all raw materials mined by players. In return, you protect them from intruders.

Last Oasis is a survival game whose developers understand that the oversaturated genre needs a makeover. After a somewhat bumpy start, development is on a terrific course.

At the current 34% discount, i.e. € 16.49, hit it as long as the Steam Sale is running!

last oasis panda walker header

4. Phasmophobia

Fun co-op horror: You always wanted to go ghost hunting with your friends, but not put yourself in real danger? Then Phasmophobia is the wrong game for you! You may be sitting safely in your comfortable armchair or chair, but a heart attack is inevitable.

Phasmophobia may seem simple and funny, but it can also blow dandruff off your scalp. Because on the hunt for ghosts in different buildings you and your friends have to make do with various aids. The ghost will only show itself on its own when it wants to get at you!

A jumpscare festival with a wonderful atmosphere, the only negative point of which is the somewhat outdated look! Phasmophobia is only reduced by 10% but costs only € 10.43 in the Steam autumn sale.


5. Darkwood

The atmosphere, so thick …: Of course we also have something in store for all single player fans. Darkwood is a personal recommendation from me! The graphics are pixelated, but still rich in detail. I never thought that I would ruin my pants in a survival horror game from a top-down perspective.

In Darkwood, you wake up in an old cabin in the middle of the woods. A gas pours out of a stove that smells strange. Everywhere you can find pink mushroom formations that you can harvest. During the day you try to explore the forest and the story and come across wacky characters. Hopefully by nightfall you will have barricaded your hut.

The furnace gas mentioned actually keeps the monsters of the forest away, but at night they insist on wanting to tear the pixels out of their bodies. With all of this, you only ever see what is in your figure’s cone of vision and you have to rely on your hearing.

Darkwood is an absolute must for every horror & survival fan! And also reduced by 66%, which is why you can get Darkwood in the Steam Sale for 4.75 €!

Darkwood - Prolog

What the Steam Users bought

What the community plays: The above was our personal list, now we’re going to show you which games are played by Steam users.

  • Raft: You survive on a raft, keep expanding it and find mysteries on land. 33% off and for € 13.39 in the Steam Sale.
  • Dead by Daylight: five-player multiplayer in which one player takes on the role of a killer and four players that of the survivor. These four players have to avoid the killer and switch on generators. Dead by Daylight is available for € 7.99 in the Steam Fall Sale.
  • Medieval Dynasty: Build your own empire in this medieval sandbox. You start small and have to take care of everything yourself. Later, your villagers take on a lot of tasks and survival becomes an RPG. Currently reduced by 20% and available for € 19.99 in the Steam autumn sale.


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