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So Gamescom is over, but that doesn’t mean news about upcoming features is completely finished. Some DayZ Beta footage was recently released! We spent some time analysing the material, hoping to discover all the hidden secrets and features this Beta has to offer.

New Character Handling

The new controls are definitely much simpler than before. This is especially noticeable in the changes to positioning: Instead of holding Y, X and C, only C now needs to be held to alternate between squatting and standing up straight. X is used to change the fire mode of your current weapon. V will now alter between first and third person and jumping was not yet implemented into the demo but is planned to be set to the space key. Finally, now with CTRL you can hold your breath or choose to walk slowly.

DayZ Beta Controls
A sheet with the controls mapped on it.

You are now able to take a fighting stance by clicking and holding down the right mouse button followed by the usual attack with left mouse button. The mouse wheel now has increased options too: By scrolling the mouse wheel you can choose between your actions and switch between the idle or combat position with the iron sight or scope switch.

The handling was exceptionally fluid in the Beta test and we didn’t experience any delays.

User Actions

Most of the long-awaited features have also been added into the demo. Some of which include:

  • After skinning an animal, players can now wash their hands.
  • You can grow a beard and shave with a knife.
  • You can place objects with a preview in front of you. (Enhanced Base Building Feature.)
  • Radio was massively expanded with the radio station, backpack radio and the megaphone. Via fixed loudspeaker, noise in villages can be made purposefully. A radio will need a battery to operate.
  • Actions are generally no longer carried out from the inventory. You must have the items in your hand, in the quick-use slot or on the ground in front of you.
  • In the case of user actions such as food, drink, etc., you must now press and hold the corresponding button, for example, to gradually drink the beverage can.
  • Apples, stones and berries are no longer freely collectable.


  • All the above user actions are linked to animations.
  • Items are picked up by hand.
  • Falling from different heights will cause your character to react differently.
  • Weapon swinging will be timed with breathing.
  • Recoil of pistols.
  • Character rotation on the spot and sight rotation are now fully animated with partial body rotations.
  • Movement during certain actions such as eating, drinking or gestures.
  • Injured animations according to degree of injury and posture.
  • Running uphill.
  • Melee combo attacks with fists, light and heavy weapons.
  • Heavy objects such as the generator can now only be carried slowly.
DayZ Faces
Various new and more believable faces.

Various Extras

  • Endurance is now limited to your maximum sprint distance and your maximum endurance is limited by equipment weight. Your stamina is separated into thirds, which regenerates much slower than before. This means that if you run almost to complete exhaustion, you will need longer to recover accordingly.
  • Campfires have received new particle effects.
  • There are numerous new character faces.
  • New inventory icons, including a slot for the belt.
  • Item size has been redefined in the inventory.
  • New road textures.
  • Generator, building bulbs and a blue pendant.

To see many of these Beta build features in action, watch this gameplay video by BarelyInfected:



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