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DayZ – Impressive 4K video shows Chernarus in all its glory

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When creating Chernarus, the DayZ developers based themselves on a true model. The Czech town of Povrly. A 4K video now shows the splendor of Povrly or Chernarus!

DayZ timelapse in 4K

This is the video: The german cameraman, film producer and founder of RainWater Media Thomas Bertram was already in 2015 in Povrly, the real role model of DayZ


, and visited and filmed various well-known locations from DayZ. The result was not only thousands of photos, but also a successful and, above all, very impressive video in 4K resolution, which you can see at the start of the report.

Second breathtaking part already online

A second part is now also available and shows other locations from DayZ in high-resolution 4K. The videos are not only nice to look at, but also have a relaxing effect due to the background music – they are definitely worth a look!




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