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The german cameraman, film producer, and founder of RainWater Media Thomas Bertram and his team hiked back to DayZ Chernarus to amaze us again with one of his impressive 4K videos.

DayZ in real life?

Anyone who knows his last video knows what to expect. Breathtaking pictures of our beloved Chernarus, accompanied by a calming melody. Here, too, the team pulled out all the stops and achieved a result that couldn’t have been better. Hats off, RainWater Media!

And for those of you who haven’t noticed: Chernarus also exists in reality. The area is called Povrly. The charming place is located in the Czech Republic, actually right on the doorstep of the DayZ developer studio Bohemia Interactive.

We look forward to round three, should Thomas and his team go out again.

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