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DayZ 2 should actually have been a real project by Bohemia Interactive. At least that’s what one Twitter user claims, who allegedly has contact with employees of the studio.

What happened? On Twitter, a leaker commented on a possible sequel to DayZ. Bohemia Interactive should therefore have been working on the project for quite a while. Now DayZ 2 has been crushed, reports the leak. We are now trying to clarify how much truth there is in the leak.

DayZ 2 would be set in Norway & have zombie animals

What the leaker says: A user wrote on the short message platform Twitter that he had information about DayZ 2. The Czech developer Bohemia Interactive is said to have instructed the Bratislava branch with this project. With what happened to the studio there, DayZ 2 is said to have been put on hold.


The game should allegedly no longer take place in Chernarus or Livonia, but somewhere in Norway. It’s also said that assets were used from Vigor and that DayZ 2 should be developed on the Enfusion Engine (Bohemia’s new engine).

There would also have been zombie hordes and zombie animals. That and much more now is a thing of the past, as the game was no longer in development, says the leaker.

Is it true? The leak doesn’t really seem to be true, or does it? When the gates of Bohemia’s Bratislava branch closed in April 2020, it was said that DayZ would not be affected by this. The developers based there only helped out with the development of DayZ every now and then.

Developers who don’t have their own project and are only occasionally involved in the development of DayZ? This either indicates that the studio was closed for precisely that reason or that it was full of developers who knew pretty much about DayZ and a possible successor.

In 2019, Bohemia Interactive said in an annual report that several new projects are in the works, all of which should run on the new Enfusion Engine. That was around 5 months before the closure in Bratislava.

One or more of these new projects could also be Arma 4 / Arma Reforger, more about that here:

„Arma Reforger“ Release in 2021 & Before Arma 4? Cold War & Console Version

Conclusion: It cannot be said whether there really was a DayZ 2. A comment from the publisher is not expected. At some point, DayZ 2 could become a reality.


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