Daymare: 1998’s road to launch only seems to grow tougher by the minute. Invader Studios’ Kickstarter campaign started off very well, but ultimately they were unable to reach their goal in time. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence for game projects as it is very difficult to succeed with crowdfunding for indie companies. Fortunately, the studio’s spirit has not been crushed and they want to continue developing the game. Despite the setbacks, fans have been immensely supportive and helped the team succeed in earning a future place on Steam.

Daymare Secures a Future Spot On Steam

Invader Studios was attempting to reach the goal of $180,000 on Kickstarter. The campaign seemed very promising with news of three legendary former Capcom employees being involved with the project. However, they were unable to reach their goal and only raised $40,000. Despite this, the team still went ahead in pursuing approval for the Steam Greenlight program.

On March 21st, Valve announced that Daymare: 1998 had been successfully greenlit. The developers then stated that they did not expect to be greenlit so soon and express nothing but gratitude for everyone’s ongoing support. Shortly there after, news was released that Daymare: 1998 had received a significant amount of votes and will be available via Steam come its release. There is a planned release date for July 2018, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

Stay tuned as Survivethis will have more news on Daymare: 1998 coming your way soon.

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