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Do not fear the night, fear what comes with it. Daymare is a third person survival horror game developed by Invader Studios. Set in a quaint American town in 1998, Daymare’s gameplay will focus on survival mechanics instead of the action we are all used to in modern survival horror games.

The game’s “hardcore survival mechanics” will force players to think carefully about their next move, and use tactics to avoid “hard to kill” enemies. To makes things even harder, in-game resources are scarce, meaning “exploration is a core part of gameplay”. Daymare uses setting and atmosphere to pay homage to ‘90s horror games and movies; an exciting and nostalgic tribute.

A Blast from the Horror Past

The developers at Invader Studios have launched a Kickstarter to fund the game. What makes this project so special and worthy of your money? For starters, Daymare has three Capcom legends with years of experience in the game industry backing it. The day the campaign was announced, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis director and the planner of the original 1996 Resident Evil, Kazuhiro Aoyama was revealed to be the ‘Associate Producer’. Kazuhiro had this to say, “There are many games called ‘Survival Horror’, but I recommend this game to genuine oriented people who prefer fear the old fashioned way.  As an evil friend, I would like to give Invader Studios as much of my burning blood as possible.  As their intense passion and my burning blood react chemically, this will definitely cause ‘Daymare’ syndrome”.

Daymare: 1998
Their lurking in the darkness.

Also along for the ride are; Resident Evil: Code Veronica X enemy designer and Resident Evil Zero creature sketch artist Satoshi Nakai, who will design the enemies for the game. His comments about Daymare were, “I’m really excited about Daymare: 1998. I want to create as many bizarre, creepy and terrifying monsters as possible!” In addition to those two, even 90’s Capcom composer Akari Kaida has joined the project. In her words, she describes the game as, “Nostalgic and New!  It really reminds me of the fear I felt in games back in the 90’s.” That’s a good sign; it seems that we’ll be getting something fresh and not just another run of the mill horror title.

Invader Studios has “pledged to bring back the Horror” and are asking for you to help them make that possible. But don’t worry, your pledge won’t go unrewarded. There are several rewards depending on the amount of money you pledge. For example, $15.99 USD promises you a digital copy of Daymare and “your name will appear in each telephone book near the call boxes/save points throughout the game”. Plus, Invader Studios will give you a special thanks on their website and their “perpetual gratitude!” The Kickstarter will be available until March 17, when they will have hopefully reached their goal of $191,133.

Only a few years ago, the developers started their team. Take a look at the trailer below to see how far they’ve come.

If you want to keep up to date with the game development, visit their blog.

SOURCEInvader Studios via Kickstarter
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