Dawn of Man


The indie studio Madruga Works, creators of Planetbase are working on their new city builder called Dawn of Man. However, this time survival goes all the way back as we need to survive in the Prehistory. Because the game is releasing soon, let’s take a look at the world of Dawn of Man. Keep in mind that the game is currently in closed beta.

The beginning of mankind

Before heading into the management and actual gameplay the game only allows you to play the first free play map. However, during your first playthrough, you will accomplish milestones that give access to new challenges, more free play maps as well as the creatives modes. After selecting a map, the location of your first settlement has to be picked from the available options.

Similar to Banished you start with just a few tents and a few people. However, in Dawn of Man, you will start in the Paleolithic era and climb all the way up to the Iron age, simply by spending techs, which you can collect by surviving and expanding your settlement. So, don’t expect to be able to farm or domesticate animals directly at the beginning!

Dawn of Man
The settlement is slowly growing. Gladly we got enough meat and fish on the drying rack!

As you start at the roots of civilization you will need to survive in a harsh world. This not only means that your people require food, high morale, rest, hydration, tools, and clothes but you also need to control nature. How so? Not all animals are directly huntable unless you want to lose people and nearby hungry predators might attack them to provide dinner for themselves. Besides that, collectible food, such as berries and fruit as well as fish won’t be available in all seasons and everything perishes at one point.

Dawn of Man promises here to be a true survival city builder, which needs a lot of micromanagement. And don’t ever think you are alone as traders will eventually visit you as well as raiders that have only one desire: to kill your people and destroy the settlement.

A new touch to the genre?

So far Dawn of Man comes without a mini-map to help you navigate through the map. However, to help you out primal vision is usable. This vision shows all harvestable, collectible plans as well as animals in different colors. Another feature that has been included in Dawn of Man is the focus camera. During your gameplay, you not only view everything from above but you can also follow a citizen around and watch him doing his daily tasks.

Dawn of Man
We selected a boar to hunt, look at him sneaking!

So far, the game supports four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. However, more languages will be added by the community as the steam workshop has been implemented. This may also hint at scenarios made by the community.

While Dawn of Man won’t be purchasable yet, the steam page of the survival-city-builder is already up and running to allow users to wishlist it. On the first of March, the game will release in full state for a price of 21 euro. But, just as Planetbase, the developers plan to continue with updates after the release.

Interested? Make sure to check our review of Dawn of Man just after the release!


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