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Battle Royale games are becoming a popular genre, and while each game has its own unique aspect, Darwin Project, in development by Scavengers Studio, seems ahead of the pack with innovated ideas. They introduced the Show Directors mode to the game, which allows one player to control and master the playground of the match.

Show Directors

The last time we got our hands on the closed Alpha of Darwin Project minor information was released about the task of the Show Director. But now with the first closed Alpha weekend behind us, we can only say it takes a surprising and exciting turn.

While ten players are gathering resources to get strong enough to survive the environment and each other, one player is able to control the speed of the game and act like an overseer. The Show Director has the shape of a big drone and will be flying around the map. Their abilities give a strong Hunger Games vibe and it might be smart to keep them as your friend.

You can’t hide from me

Take Control

When the game progresses the overseer has a few abilities to use during the game, with each possessing a cooldown. If the game doesn’t go fast enough they can close the areas, forcing the players to move closer to each other. If you want to add some laughter they are able to reverse gravity, causing players to jump enormous heights.  Their abilities affect players aswell, if they see a player struggling they are able to buff him with some more health or speed. A strong player on the other hand has to look out for the manhunt: When an overseer puts down a target on you, your position will be revealed on the map and players get rewards for killing you. On the other hand you can gather quite the fame, if you survive the scenario.

The overseers are also able to talk to a nearby player, giving you some advice or simply chat to pass the time. Another interesting aspect of the game is the spectator: when a player dies he becomes one and will be flying around as a drone. Just as the overseer they are visible to the players still fighting. All of this will make sure Darwin Project stands out of the genre.


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