Two years ago Unfold Games shared the first teaser of their Psychological horror game DARQ. Their second teaser appeared exactly a year later. And guess what? As another year has passed number three just got shared.

The story of Lloyd

In DARQ you play as Lloyd, who knows when he is dreaming. However, his current dream transforms into a nightmare and he fails to wake up. While exploring the nightmare he will learn how to survive by ignoring the laws of physics and manipulating the world. To do this, Lloyd needs to solve puzzles and sneak past the creepy enemies. These monsters are faster and stronger than the small boy, which means he will need to avoid getting detected before he gets dragged into the darkness.

The teaser already shows a part of the dark scenery and the monsters that will walk around in the nightmare. Besides that, it shows how Lloyd will need to break the laws of physics to turn everything around.

The purpose

As it’s a psychological horror game DARQ will have jump scares but doesn’t get led by them. The main goal of the developers is to build tension and the jump scares will merely be there to show that everything can happen in a dream. In Addition, the game is designed to be an artistic experience, while the graphics shown in the trailer adds to it, the music will play a huge role to let you feel connected to Lloyd.

The game is set to release in Quarter 4 of 2018. In the beginning, there will only be a PC version available but we might see a console version later on.



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