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Snail Games USA’s upcoming MMO Dark and Light has entered the fine-tuning phase. Models, textures and animations are being revised and polished. World design is being tweaked to work out bugs on their way to an Early Access release later this year.

Updating Character Models

Some of the older character models do not match the better looking versions of those added later, so they’re being updated to match the current, higher graphical standards. This may have been due to some gameplay videos that received criticism for the quality of character animations released a few months ago. Extra effort is being put into smoothing out the animations as a result of feedback.

Burly man.
From washed out colours to a more natural looking burly guy.
Dwarf improvement
From frizzy white blob to a gloriously braided beauty.

Stuck On You

MMO worlds by nature are huge in scale, and such focus can lead to accessibility issues. Early play-testing has revealed areas in which both players and NPCs can get stuck on rocks and trees, as well as areas in the wilderness and cities that are difficult to navigate. Snail Games USA has gone to work redesigning problem areas with the goal of creating a more visually appealing and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Dark and Light - Forest Thinning
Forests have been thinned to allow easier movement.
Dark and Light - Building Removal
Some buildings have been removed to aid in mobility.

Seeing Things From Another Angle

It seems that inherent issues with the third-person view have been discovered in early play-testing, with aiming and movement prime among them. Dark and Light’s camera system has therefore been adjusted to make for easier targeting and movement without needing to adjust the camera.

Dark and Light - Targeting Fix
Targeting is now easier.
Dark and Light - Third Person Camera
Movement has been enhanced without the need to change the camera angle.

This is just a sampling of the work that is being done to get Dark and Light ready for it’s 2017 Early Access launch. We’ll keep an eye out for any further news for all you eager fans.

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