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Dark and Light presents a limitless world filled with elemental magic. The up and coming MMORPG by Snail Games provides its players with the freedom to explore an immersive and beautiful fantasy realm teeming with a diverse population of fantastic creatures and mythical beings. Players will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic.

Taming Beasts

Ranging from your common woodland boar and elk to more exotic species such as unicorns and gryphons, Dark and Light includes over 40 types of creatures as well as a variety of new and original beasts never seen before.

Snail Games: Mysterious Creatures
Giant beasts roam the large lands in Dark and Light.

Taming such powerful creatures takes time, effort, resources and a whole lot of skill. To capture one, players will need harpoons and a steady hand to rope and tie it down. Once immobilised the creature will struggle in an attempt to break free, but will quickly tire itself out, allowing the player to set up a feeding trough with the beast’s preferred food. This will calm and slowly domesticate it over time. However more dangerous creatures, like wyverns and dragons, may require a team effort to capture, and some species may need a different approach entirely.

Many tamed creatures can be used as mounts in battle. Powerful land-based mounts, such as horses and elephants, will be a big help in PvP/PvE battles and for the transportation of goods. Yet players are not limited to just land mounts as wyverns, gryphons and even some aquatic creatures are rideable.

Snail Games: Smilodon
Many of the fantastic creatures are tamebale.

Fire and Ice

Harnessing elemental magic is key to survival in Dark and Light. Obtaining it isn’t easy though, the player must search the world for special creatures that use this magic. Fiery creatures can use their searing heat to assist in the forging of advanced weapons and can aid a player in colder climates. Beasts found atop snow capped mountains contain a freezing elemental magic; once harnessed this can be used in a multitude of ways, including the preservation of perishable foods.

Dark and Light is said to be coming to Steam in 2017. The developers at Snail Games are currently hard at work polishing and optimising the game to provide the players with a remarkable and immersive gameplay experience. We are all looking forward to the release of Dark and Light.

Dark and Light Scenery
The view across the lands is striking.
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