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Recently American developer Snail Games announced the Early Access release date for its sandbox fantasy survival Dark and Light. With an intense launch trailer showing off a strong fantasy RPG setting with many similarities to the survival king, ARK: Survival Evolved, Dark and Light is set to take Steam by storm.

Dark and Light Begins

After an expected announcement at the end of July, Snail Games has come forward earlier than we thought and have claimed that Dark and Light will be released in Early Access on Steam tomorrow, the 20th of July! The price will be set at around £30 to compensate for all future content and promised potential.

Because of Snail Games’ take over of Studio Wildcard, developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, in 2015, we can expect Dark and Light to take inspiration straight from the dino survival hit. This fantasy-based game promises to immerse the player in a world of magic and mystic mayhem, with complete creative freedom much like ARK. We should expect base building, beast taming, elemental magic and an RPG play-style to enjoy alongside friends.

Not many games offer Unicorns as mounts!

Please Don’t Be a Clone…

Due to the close relationship between ARK and Dark and Light, we do expect to see many similarities in gameplay and art style. We here at Survivethis just hope that the developers of Dark and Light have taken the time to be innovative and are going to bring something new to the survival genre when the release drops tomorrow. With the numerous bugs and glitches players of ARK: Survival Evolved have had to suffer over the years, we can only pray that the developers at Snail Games have learned from Wildcard’s mistakes and will bring something truly exciting to the table.



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