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Dark and Light – New Screenshots Show Excellent Graphics Update

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The developers of the upcoming survival MMO Dark and Light revealed pictures of amazing graphic improvements. Along with these pictures, they stated they’re also working on the textures, scenery, and lighting.

Out with the Old, in with the New

The official Twitter for Dark and Light released their new photos with comparisons to the original scenery of the game. These graphics show a much more visually appealing landscape set to improve the initial Early Access scenery. The textures appear to be more vivid and enriched with colour and lush. Take a look.


Dark and Light River
From a bland river to a lively river.

Dark and Light Landscape
The landscape is seeing a drastic change for the better.

It has not yet been stated what system will be best for the game, though its requirements are likely comparable to that of Ark: Survival Evolved. Dark and Light is under development by Snail Games. The release date is currently unknown though the game is expecting release this year.





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