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Dark and Light followers better be prepared to bring their A-game or risk losing all their loot. New gameplay footage has revealed vital information that concerns invasions, farming, and skills. Excelling in just one of these areas won’t be enough to survive this world of fantasy-survival.

PvP and Magic in Dark and Light

It’s not enough to simply build a solid structure to house your goods. With enough time, invaders will eventually wear down and bash through your front door. Footage of Dark and Light has demonstrated how even new players can just spend several minutes button-spamming and will inevitably break in, rendering all your hording and looting meaningless. This can potentially be interpreted as a reason to craft your base with high-grade magic materials to defend against persistent marauders.

Two things about living here: 1.) the commute sucks, and 2.) the view is AMAZING

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too hard to acquire arcane resources. Gathering essence can be as simple as walking up to a boulder or tree and pressing a button while your rod is equipped. You’ll know your harvest is done once the source has disintegrated. Still, the question remains: how often does this need to be done for the average spell/enchantment?

This question is of utmost importance considering that the pool of spells available to players includes transformation. In short, players can transform into dragons. Yes, in Dark and Light, you can fly around breathing fire like the scaled nightmare you were always meant to be. There’s probably a cheap Skyrim joke somewhere in that titbit, but it’s eclipsed by the possibility of soaring over a city and raining fire down on its inhabitants.

Fus-Ro-Damn, I look good.

Don’t worry players, you’ll be able to throw your wallets at your screen once the early access of Dark and Light becomes available on Steam.

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