The Sacred Path.

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Dark and Light is an open-world fantasy survival game by developers Snail Games. The upcoming MMORPG provides players with the freedom to explore a fantastical realm soaked in myth and magic. The use of arcane arts is essential in each and every aspect of gameplay, from crafting and fighting to taming and travelling across the map. Magic is key.

The Sacred Path

There is a small area on the planet Alpha in Dark and Light known as ‘The Sacred Path’. This is the centre of all magic and makes up the majority of the playable areas in the game. The landscape radiates elemental energy that causes fluctuations and changes in structural integrity. The land’s instability has resulted in “floating islands, cursed forests, lost moors, a massive active volcano, snow-capped mountains and more.”

The Sacred Path has a total of 25 unique biomes and locations, each with their own “ecosystems, creatures, weather patterns and harvestable resources.”

Dragon vs. Mage.
Fight magic with magic.

Magic and Its Uses


Dark and Light’s playable world is a big place. You’ll have to find a quicker way to get around if you ever want to explore The Sacred Path in its entirety. Whether that be through taming magical beasts for mounts, or transporting yourself via teleportation portals is entirely up to you. Why not even shape-shift into a creature made for fast travel, the choice is yours.


Magic is a major part of every player’s arsenal in Dark and Light. As well as casting spells, you will have the ability to wield weapons imbued with magical power. Once enchanted, your physical weapons and crafted tools will be multipurpose and devastatingly powerful.


Never take any of the creatures in Dark and Light for granted. Each beastie is itself an immense source of arcane energy. In certain areas of The Sacred Path there are creatures that draw in the elements to evolve and transform. They gain a huge boost in power and should not be taken lightly. For a taste of that power, you will be able to summon fallen beasts to extract their elemental magic.

Elemental Unicorn.
Now that would be a pretty awesome steed.


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