Hunting during nighttime in Dark and Light


The dynamic environments in Dark and Light promise to make players think twice about when to go adventuring. The title’s developer, Snail Games USA, says weather and daylight have an impact on gameplay that is an improvement, “on the already developed weather systems found in many sandbox games.”

Day and Night

In Dark and Light, there’s a time and place for everything. Clear skies and sunshine are perfect for prime hunting hours, “as many creatures are less aggressive, and players are less susceptible to surprise attacks.” It’s probably not a good idea to take on a dragon when it hasn’t had its beauty sleep.

Then again, attacking much of anything past nightfall seems like a bad idea. Once the sun has set, and the night draws in, menacing creatures imbued with dark magic will appear lurking in forests and caves. Some can even become incredibly aggressive. 

How to Survive Rain and Storms

Rain in Dark and Light
Curse and a blessing – Rain cools you down, but allows you access to water at any time.

Dark and Light has given new context to staying-in on rainy days. Players who scavenge during a storm take a hit in their survival stats. The developers explain, “exploration is harder because players will get cold more quickly, and will also get hungry more frequently.” Still, there are benefits if you choose to venture out into the rain: Having a consistent water source, despite the fact that it’s pelting you from above, means you don’t have to worry about hydration.

Players eager to weather a dangerous storm in a survival-fantasy realm will be able to test their skills by participating in the early access start of Dark and Light on Steam.


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