Daemonical, a game that might sound a bit familiar. The multiplayer horror game developed by Fearem got our attention at the end of 2017 and in May 2018 the Early Access teasers got online. However, the release of the Early Access is now actual close!

Together or alone

To refresh your mind, in Daemonical five players end up on an island. However, one of them will get possessed by the spirit of a demon. The job of the players is then to either hide until dawn or find the parts to finish the ritual. As they can’t kill the demon they will need to find tools or fire to hurt and slow him down. The demon, on the other hand, needs to kill all players to win the match. His powers lay in the different abilities it has, from climbing trees to changing into human form.

A match takes around 10 to 20 minutes and you can fill up all the player spots with your friends. When a match has ended a match recap will be shown, in here you can see how long the match took, how many humans got killed and how many parts got collected. On a later stage experience and possible rewards will be implemented.

As Daemonical is a horror game, the demon is not the only thing to get scared of. During the alpha stage, animals got added on the island as well as some creepy looking mannequins. Besides that, the cottages on the island got updated with new interior and more crates and weapons got added.

Daemonical will be released into early access on August 15th and will be priced at 13 euro. However, if you were one of the alpha testers, the game is yours to keep.


SOURCEDaemonical via Youtube
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