The multiplayer horror survival game Daemonical is almost so far to go into the Alpha stage and the Early Access not far after. Because of this, two teaser trailers appeared in the last three weeks. While we know the basics of the game already, a lot got added.

The Demon inside

The first early access trailer shows how a match in Daemonical will work. As a group of friends is stranded on a huge island, one of them will get posses by a demon at night. To survive you either need to find the missing items to complete the ritual or hide till dawn. Players will be able to find weapons to distract and hurt the demon as he can’t be killed.

The second trailer, however, focuses more on the horror aspect of the game. When at first we only see a player, the demon appears quickly after. This directly shows one of the few abilities the demon has at its disposal as he can turn invisible. Besides that, it also shows the huge jump, sight and the possibility to climb trees. Will you trust your friends? Knowing one of them might be a demon in disguise.

Since the last time, we wrote an article about Daemonical a lot has changed. In both the teasers, you see identical players. However, the developers added a new customization system where you can change your character. In addition to changing your body and hairstyle, players can also recolor the underwear.

The closed Alpha of Daemonical is currently planned for May 9th. However, the Early Access should appear just a few weeks later and is playable for 15 dollars. One of the plans of the developers is to add a Daemonical bundle where you buy two game copies for a cheaper price, so you can at least play with one friend.


SOURCEFearem via Youtube
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