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Since August 15th the  multiplayer horror game Daemonical has been in early access. Made by the small studio Fearem, the game got pushed out a bit earlier and will get regular updates in its current state. However, before we talk about the future updates we will first take an in-depth look at the game mechanics.

Hello… it’s me

Because we covered the basics of Daemonical in our earlier articles, we will skip them and take a more in-depth look at the game. When starting up the game you can either change the settings, search for a match or customize your character. As the game got pushed earlier there isn’t much to change in the settings menu. However, the customize character does have something to offer.

We just made our character. Maybe we should give her some new clothes as well.

At the customization screen, you can decide whether you want to play as a male or female. Besides that, you can change the face, hair, skin and hair color. In addition, the settings next to it allow you to change the clothes of the character. But, don’t expect a whole wardrobe as just a few clothes are available.

Run or hide

The moment you get stuck on the island you have no idea who the demon is and who you can trust. Yet, that’s not the only decision you need to make as you can decide to hide until morning or help prepare the ritual by finding the four bones. The cut in your hand will help you find them, as it will glow when you are looking in the right direction. However, it won’t directly lead you too it, which means you will need to search all the cabins in the area to find it.

The red glowing ribs are one of the parts you need to find. Luckily, we found a gun to protect us from the demon.

Of course, it’s not that easy as a demon wouldn’t be a demon without some special abilities or sight. But, you aren’t defenseless as you can find chests around the island and in the cabins. Weapons are often found in the chests but the houses do have branches which can be lighted to hurt the demon. As the match takes place in the night, you will automatically spawn with a flashlight.

As it’s a multiplayer game you are able to work together and communicate. Besides the chat box, you can use your microphone to talk. However, it only works when someone is near you and it might lure the demon.

We decided to follow the demon when we died, just as two other players. As a wisp, you can freely move around the island. However, everything is black and white.

To get to the menu to see who is still alive you just need to press the F1 key, which also shows the ping. The moment you die the game is far from over as you will spectate the match as a glowing wisp. You can then decide to use this for the greater good and follow the demon so the other players can see him or simply lure the demon to the remaining players!

A horrific beautiful island

While appearing on the island nothing seems directly off. Of course, there is this weird altar but besides that, it looks like a normal island. However, the moment you start walking around, it all changes. When it becomes dark some of the lights start flickering and the few animals around will let your heart pump. But that’s not all, as when entering a cabin a mannequin might welcome you, turn your back to him and some strange things will happen.

If we ignore the demon, the island might be a beautiful location for a vacation.

The first thought you might have when you are stuck on an island with a demon who wants nothing more to reap you apart is to jump in the water and swim away. While that might sound like a great idea, you will end up being dinner for one of the many sharks. And if that’s not scary enough, the sound ambient, as well as the thunder, might push you off the edge.

Reaping you apart

The moment you get transformed into the demon, the perspective will change into the third-person. As you need to kill all humans, there are currently three abilities to help you out. As first the demon is able to jump high, which makes it easy to climb up the cabins. Secondly, it’s able to roar terrifying letting the humans drop their torches in fear. The last and most important part is the demon sight, while activated the whole world is red and you can see the players from a distant. However, when looking into light the demon sight becomes a disadvantage.

Time to jump around while using our demon sight. in the distance, you can see a black, white, red dot which is a player.

As the demon can’t be killed the only option is too hurt him. When the demon takes too much damage it will need to cover its wounds. This means you will be seeing the island from above till the timer runs to 0. After that, the demon will be fully recovered to hunt some more humans. So, if you play as demon its wise to sneak behind them!

What brings the future

A day after the release Fearem directly shared their progress on some of the updates they wanted to add before the early access. For the humans, these update will be a blessing as it will help you stay alive. So, soon we can expect bear traps, a shotgun, AK47, flash bangs and grenades, and barrels who can explode. Who is the boss now demon? Besides that, they are working on implementing the XP system for both humans and demons.

A look at the demon skill tree. But, what abilities do we pick first?

The demon, on the other hand, will get a skill system with different abilities. To use these you will need to collect demon points which you get as the match progress but also by stalking or killing people. Some new abilities will be tree climbing, disguise, a demon trap, and invisibility. The moment these updates will hit, the true potency of Daemonical will be shown, for now, the game offers some fun but clearly needs a bit more content. However, its only been in early access for two days, so patience is required.

If you don’t mind early access games and want to try out the game for yourself, you can find Daemonical in the Steam store for 13 euro.


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