Daemonical is a multiplayer horror game in development by Fearem. A few days ago they released the Alpha Teaser with the announcement that the Alpha will be playable this winter if you signed up. Which makes it the right time to break down the trailer and talk about the game.

Trust is optional death is not

You are on an island with a group of tourists when you suddenly stumble upon an unfinished demon ritual site. The demon spirit is still on the island and will possess one person of the group. What is your strategy?

It’s the job of the players who are not possessed to find the missing ritual components and bring these back to the ritual site to exorcise the demon or hide till dawn. Yet, none of you know which player has the demon inside of him, giving you the question to trust your co-players or either play alone. To survive the demon you are able to use weapons and tools hidden around the island and use fire to scare it away. At the beginning of the game you are able to customize your character and you will be playing in first person.

Will the players survive till dawn?

When a player dies, their soul will float around the map as a glowing light. If you think your role in the game is over the moment this happens you are wrong, as you can help players find the way, follow the demon or try to lead someone to your body so they can revive you.

I’m your nightmare

While the demon can’t be killed you are able to distract and cripple it. One of his weaknesses is fire, which you should use to your advantage. If you are the demon your job is to kill all humans and bathe in their blood to survive the upcoming daylight.

The Alpha trailer shows the transformation of a player into a demon and one of his abilities: Demon vision. The demon is fast, agile and powerful with different abilities at his disposal to trap and kill the other players. There are further ideas to have different demons with their own special abilities. As demon you will be playing the game in third person perspective.

Daemonical looks like an unique horror multiplayer game, where you can scare the hell out of your friends, as a total of 5 players are placed on the island. Everything in the game happens in one night so each game will take around 15 a 20 minutes. The developers are transparent in their way of developing with different video updates, streams and a discord channel where they show their work. The early access of the game is planned for 2018.



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