Cyberpunk 2077 - Bugfixes, Version 1.05 und Kauf-Rückerstattungen

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CD Projekt Red released a statement today about the current situation around the bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. Updates are supposed to be released that will improve the game experience. Also, the developers are offering refunds for disappointed players over the next 7 days.

This is what happened: Since the launch of the sci-fi RPG on December 10, reports of both rather silly and funny bugs have been piling up. The gaming community started a Twitter tirade under #Cyberbug2077, which publicly displays all display errors, crashes and other bugs in CD Projekt Red’s actually successful project. Now the developer studio has responded.

Statement promises a better Cyberpunk 2077 through updates

Here’s what the developers say: First, CD Projekt Red apologizes to gamers for not showing the game on Last Gen consoles before release, which would have allowed gamers to “make a more informed decision” when purchasing.

Here’s how the Cyberpunk bugs are being worked on: The game is set to receive updates in the near future that will improve bugs and crashes, as well as the overall gameplay experience. This will roughly happen in three update rounds.

  • Update 1.05 (+ possibly more)
  • Patch #1
  • Patch #2

The later rounds, referred to as Patch #1 and Patch #2, are scheduled to be released in January and February, respectively. These two rounds are supposed to fix the rough problems on the consoles. Further improvements are also supposed to appear in these patches for the PC version. However, the developers make it clear at the same time that the game will never look as good on the Last Gen consoles as it will on a powerful PC or Next Gen console. Perhaps the realization not to set the bar too high with trailers?

Update 1.05 later this week

The first update of the announced bugfix series is supposed to be released as 1.05 this week. It is still unclear which problems will be fixed in 1.05 and what the other two patches will contain at the beginning of 2021. CD Projekt Red would like to inform you in time.

How to refund your money for Cyberpunk 2077

How to get the refund: To compensate console players who don’t want to wait for the updates, the developers are offering a purchase refund for Cyberpunk 2077. For digital copies, you can handle it in the Xbox and PSN refund systems.

For a copy purchased at retail, you should first try to return Cyberpunk 2077 locally at the store. If this does not work, you can write to CD Projekt Red will then assist you with the refund.

Refunds are possible until December 21, 2020!


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