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The FPS-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 has been available in stores since December 10th and still has some problems despite a long development time. A less critical mistake is the nude bug, which simply makes items of clothing invisible.

That’s going on: In CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk you can not only adjust the genitals of your character, but you will also be confronted a lot with the topics of sex, eroticism, and prostitution in the game itself. In the future, there seems to be one rule: sex sells.

So it doesn’t seem so surprising at first when NPC characters suddenly stand half-naked in front of you, as if that were completely normal. However, this is a bug that makes the clothing invisible. This can happen to your own character, or to the NPCs you meet in the game.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Nude-Bug – That’s how it looks

We encountered the Cyberpunk 2077 nude bug on our own character. The pants, even the underwear, were suddenly gone. This is not noticeable in the FPS view unless you look down:


This is what Judy looks like half-naked: Braindance expert Judy, an NPC you encounter early in the game, has taken off her top for one of our colleagues. She just didn’t put it back on either. Here the impression could quickly arise that a Cyberpunk 2077 Nude Mod was simply installed. At this point in time – December 13, 2020 – this Mod does not yet exist.

On the left picture, we see Judy as she is normally dressed. Her top is missing in the picture on the right.

Similar bugs even make parts of the body invisible, so basically, just clothing is walking around. Have you already encountered similar bugs in the game that you didn’t even notice as bugs? Then comment below.

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