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The FPS-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 will finally be released on December 10th. To sweeten the waiting time, fans have released a film that is supposed to show the story of Johnny Silverhand. The result is amazing!

That’s going on: The well-known German cosplayer Ben Bergmann (Maul Cosplay) is responsible for the 40-minute fan film “Phoenix Program”, which was released on December 5th. The film is supposed to introduce the story of Johnny Silverhand, who is already dead in the game and only comes across as a hologram.

This is the content of the fan film: Johnny Silverhand (Maul Cosplay) is the lead singer of the punk band SAMURAI and wants to free his girlfriend Alteria Cunningham from the hands of the Arasaka group. Since he is pressed for time, he asks V (Stylouz Cosplay) for help. He’s a big fan of the punk band and doesn’t hesitate. Due to his overconfidence, however, he endangers the entire rescue operation and Johnny not only has to save his girlfriend, but V too. He fights his way through several levels like in a game until he meets the final boss Miyamoto Arasaka (Andy Long).

You should definitely see this:

This is what makes the fan film so special: with Ben Bergmann (Maul Cosplay), not only is the lead a great cosplay personality in Germany, the other actors are also well-known in the scene. Many German cosplayers were invited to the shoots and took part in short or long scenes.

The film is directed by Vi-Dan Tran, Ben’s longtime friend and stunt coordinator. He has worked in James Bond 007 – Skyfall, among others, but also worked as a stunt team action designer in various Jackie Chan films.

The result is a 40-minute short film in which a total of 150 actors and more than 200 people from all over the world contributed, including many friends and acquaintances of Ben and Vi-Dan. With specially designed costumes, self-produced props, and visual effects.

Are you looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10th? We will accompany the start and act out in Night City.

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