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As announced earlier this week, CD Projekt Red (CDPR) released the Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 hotfix update this morning. Everything you need to know about the patch notes can be found in this article.

  • PC version will appear during the day-
  • Console problems not yet fully resolved
  • Cosmetic changes and crash fixes
  • Experience in quests and side missions could improve

Does the Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 hotfix bring the necessary improvements?

What you need to know: After the extensive initial difficulties of the FPS-RPG, the hope of the community rests on the announced bug fix updates. The Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 Hotfix-Patch is intended to be one of the first updates for this purpose. Will the patch fix relevant problems or will cyberpunk players have to wait a little longer?

The answer to this must be divided in view of the published patch notes. Most of the bugs fixed can be found on the gameplay and visual level of the quests and side missions. In addition, CDPR fixed some crashes that made Cyberpunk 2077 crash again and again.

This is certainly a big step forward for the general gaming experience. The big problems with the console versions, however – as expected – still fall by the wayside.

Cyberpunk 2077 aus PlayStation Store entfernt! Wie geht’s weiter?

What is included in the Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 hotfix?

That’s going on: As already mentioned, the patch notes contain countless bug fixes for main quests and side missions. The focus was on the behavior of NPCs in particular.

On the part of the player, you can expect fewer problems in the area of interaction with buttons, saves, and NPCs.

Information on modding support

Another significant change is the removal of the debug console. This caused some crashes. Modders don’t have to worry though:

  • The Cyberpunk 2077 developers already stated in the patch notes at hand that they would like to continue to support the modding community.
  • Modders are asked to wait for more information on the subject.
  • PC-specific changes

Players with AMD Ryzen processors can look forward to the fact that the optimized core / thread usage for 4-core and 6-core CPUs should deliver better performance with the 1.05 update.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC: Performance verbessern mit perfekten Einstellungen

Another important point on the PC: the ray tracing reflections could be improved. As a result, they no longer appear unnaturally bright compared to the environment.

Console-specific changes

This is important for console gamers: while all platforms are affected by the improvements in gameplay, there are also a few changes that are specific to consoles. For example, the image sharpness has been improved with the “Chromatic Aberration” and “Film Grain” settings activated.

In addition to these, CDPR solved a few other display problems on vehicles. The developers were also able to solve an issue on the Xbox where the game freezes when the controller connection is lost.

Your opinion: What do you think of the new update? Do you take too long to fix the more serious bugs, or are you more relaxed about the whole thing? Feel free to write us your views in the comments!

The Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 Patch Notes in detail


  • Jackie will no longer disappear in The Pickup or The Heist.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from landing the helicopter in Love like Fire.
  • Fixed an issue with Takemura not calling in Play it Safe.
  • It’s no longer possible to trigger the same dialogue twice in Big in Japan.
  • Fixed an issue with Delamain appearing upside down at the end of Don’t Lose Your Mind.
  • Saul now correctly reaches the van in Riders on the Storm.
  • Fast travelling before the encounter with Tyger Claws no longer breaks progression in I Fought the Law.
  • Fixed an issue blocking progress in Ghost Town if an autosave made upon Raffen Shiv’s arrival was loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages if Happy Together failed as a result of combat.
  • Elizabeth Peralez stops being excessively insistent with her calls after her job offer is refused.
  • The scene with Misty and Jackie now starts properly after leaving Viktor’s clinic.
  • Wakako’s dialogues no longer get blocked after finishing Search and Destroy.
  • Walking away from Stefan in Sweet Dreams shouldn’t prevent other characters from calling you anymore.
  • Brick’s detonator should now be properly interactable for players to disarm. Or set off. Your call.
  • Elevator doors should now correctly open in The Heist.
  • Saul now correctly gets out of cars in Riders on the Storm.
  • Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages after running too far away from Frank in War Pigs.
  • Jackie now correctly leaves the factory after the combat is finished in The Pickup.
  • Fixed an issue with Militech reinforcements not spawning if driving through the gate too fast in Forward to Death.
  • Skipping time while in the club in Violence no longer results in issues with progression.
  • Fixed issues with starting Gig: Getting Warmer…
  • Fixed an issue with not receiving new calls or messages after Pyramid Song has been abandoned midway.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Delamain core could be already broken when player enters the Core room in Don’t Lose Your Mind.
  • Fixed issues with Delamain not appearing or doing nothing outside the Afterlife in The Heist.
  • Fixed an issue with the objective getting stuck on “Talk to Viktor” in The Ripperdoc.
  • Fixed an issue whereby it was impossible to talk to the bouncer in front of Lizzie’s in The Information.
  • Added description for Don’t Lose Your Mind in the Journal.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from saving, using fast travels, and talking to other NPCs after reloading a save with an active call with Frank in War Pigs.
  • Fixed an issue with Panam not calling about any other matter until I’ll Fly Away is completed.
  • Fixed an issue with Dum Dum following V after The Pickup is finished.


  • Improved the reaction times of NPCs taking cover.
  • Corrected the number of shots needed to kill civilians from a distance while in combat.


  • Fixed an issue with Delamain’s image displayed on top of the current caller during phone calls.
  • V’s mouth doesn’t stay open after entering the space lock-in Where is My Mind.
  • Fixed some UI overlap issues.
  • V appears more modest in the inventory preview after the half-year montage ;)
  • NPCs are faster to appear in the quest area during Stadium Love.
  • Added some warmth to HDR.
  • Fixed T-posing NPCs in Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Just Say No and Gig: Hot Merchandise.
  • Fixed an issue whereby after a braindance it was possible to be stuck in 3rd person view with no head.
  • Silencer icons are no longer displayed with no image in the inventory.


  • Fixed an issue with weapon crosshair persisting on screen.
  • The inventory menu no longer closes immediately after opening it for the first time after leaving a car.
  • Fixed an issue whereby upon accessing a fast travel terminal the button shown on the top right corner prompting to open the quest journal would not work.

Performance & Stability

  • Multiple stability improvements, including crash fixes.


  • Offscreen explosions make noise now.


  • [AMD SMT] Optimized default core/thread utilization for 4-core and 6-core AMD Ryzen(tm) processors. 8-core, 12-core, and 16-core processors remain unchanged and behaving as intended. This change was implemented in cooperation with AMD and based on tests on both sides indicating that performance improvement occurs only on CPUs with 6 cores and less.
  • Fixed an issue with the way Raw Input is collected.
  • Removed the use of AVX instruction set thus fixing crashes occurring at the end of the Prologue on processors not supporting AVX.
  • Removed debug console to prevent functions that could lead to crashes or blocked quests. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to support the modding community. Stay tuned for more info on that.
  • Ray traced reflections should no longer seem too bright in comparison to the environment.
  • Fixed an issue with Steam Overlay crash on game shutdown.
  • Removed the memory_pool_budgets.csv file. which was not connected with the final version of the game and had no influence on it (it was a leftover file used during the development to estimate memory usage. It had no effect on how much memory was actually allocated). Perceived performance increase after editing the file may have been related to restarting the game.


  • Improved image sharpness with Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain on.
  • Settings should no longer reset to default after several game session restarts.
  • Fixed visual issues occurring during the transition between The Heist and Love Like Fire.
  • Corrected the look of several vehicles.
  • [Xbox] Entering combat while Synaptic Accelerator is active no longer ends in player health bar not being displayed.
  • [Xbox] Game no longer becomes unresponsive when signing out from a profile when the controller disconnection message is visible.
  • Telemetry consent request will appear once more due to an earlier issue with settings reset.
  • Fixed an issue whereby it was possible to fall down the elevator shaft in Megabuilding H8 in Automatic Love.
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