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A few days ago an Escape From Tarkov event started, yesterday the second and fans assume: This must indicate a wipe & a major update.

What happened? For months Escape From Tarkov players have been wondering where the next wipe is. Now they think they have found the answer: the current events must indicate a pre-wipe event. This is usually accompanied by a major update in Tarkov. Why they think that and what the current Tarkov events have to do with it, now.

Escape From Tarkov sends all bosses to one map – pre-wipe event?

These are the events: The first event started a few days ago. Here, the developers of Battlestate Games simply sent all the bosses to the reserve map and checked whether the players survived it safely. Spoiler, very few had a chance in an open fight. Also, it is noticeable that the event had no apparent goal.

The second event was announced on Twitter last night. With a Russian newspaper article about Glukhar, his unit, the Labs map, and the mysterious Terra Group in it. That one is actually integrated into the story and lore of Escape From Tarkov and not detached.

The event itself sends the Scav Boss Glukhar and his team to Labs. In addition, the map is accessible to all players, which leads to utter chaos and massacres. But here, too, there is no recognizable target or goal, except for the boss loot. It doesn’t seem to make sense why these events are held suddenly. Players assume this is a pre-wipe event for Escape From Tarkov Update 12.11.

Fans bet on pre-wipe event in Tarkov

Most users on Twitter, Reddit or YouTube already have a seemingly bulletproof theory. The current events in Tarkov point to a wipe and a major update.

This has not been confirmed by the developers, but the pointlessness of the events could suggest it. Why else would there be an activity that seeks to get players rid of all of their equipment? Until the developers do not comment on it, it remains a funny spectacle.

What comes after wipe? If there is actually a wipe and an update in the coming days or weeks, the players can expect great things.

But now you come into play. Do you think that there is really a pre-wipe event behind the current events, or is it all just to amuse the development team and Twitch viewers?


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