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On December 3rd, a new trailer for Naughty Dogs The Last of Us 2 was released, which shows the game from the perspective of protagonist Abby. However, the opinions of the fans differ widely.

That’s what happened: Sony has put a new trailer for the action-adventure The Last of Us Part 2 online and is once again heating the hearts of fans. They are used to a lot of drama and heartbreak from the start, especially because of the events with Elly and Joel in the first part. Now Sony has released a new trailer for the series’ hated main character Abby.

That was going on before: Even before the actual release of the game, there was a lot of criticism from the community about Abby. Even a petition to change the story was started at the time. The like / dislike ratio of the trailer on YouTube now reflects this.

Even months after the leak and release at the time, Abby’s voice actress Laura Bailey received death threats from fans on social networks.

This Twitter comment sums it up nicely:

The Last of Us 2 bad comment

This is what the community says now: The community is busy commenting on the YouTube video. It becomes clear that some feelings are stirred up again by the trailer.

  • YouTube user CODENAME_W says: Looks like naughty dogs new co-president is boosting his favorite character”
  • YouTube user Perseus Operator is not enthusiastic: “YOU HAD THE AUDACITY TO DO THIS, WOW”

Most of the comments are surprisingly reserved. Many users just watch the comment section and amuse themselves with the behavior of the haters. The like / dislike ratio clearly shows that there are still some dissatisfied Fans, even if there were about 11,000 more positive ratings than negatives by the evening of December 7th.


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